Coronation Street theory: Ali Neeson returns as he flees Weatherfield with Ryan Connor

Ali is Michelle Connor’s biological child, and she has been on Coronation Street multiple times throughout the years.

One of the most notable plots he was a part of was him being envious of his mother’s connection with Ryan, the kid she raised but didn’t have.

The hunk had a wonderful relationship with the actor he now viewed as his brother before he departed the ITV serial opera in March 2020, but now that Ryan is in serious jeopardy after last Monday’s episode, it appears the two may band together to escape Weatherfield.

After Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) recruited him for her money-making scheme last week, Ryan became eager to carry out the robbery of the cafe in the tense episode.

Ryan wanted to invest in a new bar with his buddies, but he intended to use his share of the money to leave the cobblestones and start a new life abroad.

Sadly, Debbie had a change of heart and decided she didn’t want to continue the insurance scam, so his plans appeared to be derailed.

Ryan’s companion in crime agreed to the scheme after being persuaded to do so by him since she was unable to imagine a future in Weatherfield.

On casino night, the bistro’s electricity went out, and when Ryan started to rob the safe, the customers left and moved to the Rovers Return.

He was ready to flee when Jane Danson’s Leanne Battersby entered and turned on the lights after realizing someone had tampered with the fuse box.

Ryan was forced to conceal, but because he was unaware that the CCTV cameras had been turned back on, he was photographed taking money from the safe.

The heartthrob was unaware of this, and at the end of the most recent episode, he was confident he had pulled off the ideal theft.

He will be detained later this week as investigators review the CCTV footage from the heist night.

Ryan will appear to be alone since Debbie won’t allow herself to be drawn into the legal turmoil.

Ryan’s future is now unknown, however if he is released on bail, he may have plans to leave the nation.

This is when Ali might enter the narrative because he might have just been freed from jail after being detained following his departure in 2020.

The heartthrob might be prepared to begin a new life away from the cobblestones and perhaps even abroad after he has regained his freedom.

Making touch with Ryan would allow him to lay out his strategy. Ryan would be horrified to learn that his brother is in danger and must accompany him.

Ali could assist Ryan in packing up his belongings as he makes his way back to the cobbles before the two men take one more glance back at Weatherfield.

The two guys might be seen together for the last time getting into a cab, traveling to the airport, and hopefully avoiding detection by the authorities.

It might work because they use false identities to pass through passport check, making it impossible for UK officials to track them down.

Could the two men’s lives, which had earlier been filled with conflict between them, now be at last drama-free?

James, the actor who played Ali, provided some explanations for why his character could never return to the cobbles after the show’s conclusion.

Ali is a wonderful man, and he is aware that he has hurt too many people, so it would make perfect sense, according to James, if he decided to leave with Ryan.

The actor who plays Ryan, Ryan, has made hints that his character might be leaving the show in upcoming scenes while discussing his recent plot line.

The soap actor stated: “When he returned to Weatherfield four years ago, I believe he would have simply sobbed to his mother and told her the truth.

“He has gained some maturity and wisdom from the events of the last four years, and he has based himself in those who were once close to him but have since abandoned him.

“Therefore, when Ronnie stands up for him and demonstrates that even a complete stranger can have your back, it demonstrates some morals to him and, in my opinion, will affect his choice of what to do.

It has been years since he had a male father figure in his life, so it will be an intriguing topic to investigate. Ronnie is probably the first role model he has had since his mother departed.

Ryan also said “You have to attempt to identify to your character as an actor, and I can recognize a bit of the younger myself in Ryan, so I feel for him.

“I think he has a decent heart, but he hasn’t really had the chance to demonstrate it; oddly, this might be his chance, terrifying as it may be.

“It might mark his actual coming of age.

He realizes at that point that his family has passed away and that he is essentially alone in this situation because no one is interested in hearing his side of the tale.

After four years working with Ali, could Ryan be quitting the show?

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