Coronation Street theory: Abi Franklin loses baby Alfie for good in sinister Wendy twist

After losing three of her children to death or adoption, Abi has been determined to retain custody of Alfie ever since she gave birth to him.

She has been residing with Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr), who has been monitoring how the adored Coronation Street heroine is doing as a mother, in an effort to bring her life back on the straight and narrow.

But in forthcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, Ken Barlow’s (William Roache) ex-girlfriend might put everything in danger.

The drama continues in the episodes airing the next week as Abi seems to be adjusting to caring for newborn Alfie extremely well, despite everything that has happened over the past several months.

Abi has already expressed skepticism toward Wendy after observing the persona typing away at the laptop and taking notes regarding the mother’s performance.

The mechanic is anxious to look at this latest report, but something about it appears to make her uneasy.

Abi opens the laptop once Wendy moves out of the way and is indignant to see what the foster carer has been saying about her.

The mother of four confronts the pensioner about what she’s observed because she believed she was making progress because she is unable to handle how wounded she feels.

Wendy just learned that Abi had a relationship to Tracy Barlow, Ken’s daughter, which raises the possibility that this plot is malicious.

Given that the florist ended her parent’s marriage, it is safe to infer that their connection is highly tense.

Wendy could be causing trouble by keeping baby Alfie as far away from the cobbles as she can since she feels the infant wouldn’t be safe if he were near Tracy.

This indicates that she will have authority over the child’s ability to return to Weatherfield if Abi is still residing with her.

As a result, the mother of four might come to the realization that raising her child on the pavement is not an option, and she would be forced to make a difficult choice.

She could instruct Wendy to inform the authorities that infant Alfie should be placed for adoption now that Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) and her new family reside in Weatherfield.

Knowing that Alfie wouldn’t be raised in a neighborhood where the Barlows prowl every corner, Wendy could be secretly relieved.

Will Abi realize the truth before it’s too late, or will she permanently lose her fourth child?

Roberta, the actor who plays Wendy, has opened up about the most recent plotline her character has been a part of and what she has planned moving forward.

The soap opera star explained her involvement on the program by saying: “Wendy has been working as a fosterer in the meantime, and more lately, she has been doing this mother and infant suitability assessing.”

“She is teaching Abi parenting skills and determining whether it would be OK for her to have Alfie back with her full-time,” Roberta continued.

She said, “It’s a tremendous difference, and I think it’s amazing. It may be a big change because the character may be more evil than the previous time she appeared.

She might have a vendetta against the Barlows, and regrettably, Abi and her unborn child might suffer as a result of her scheme.

The serial star said of working with Sally, the actress who plays Abi, “Oh sure, she’s terrific and fantastic.

The fact that we share certain pals is incredibly good. We can also talk about the fact that Sally and I both worked for the same theater company.

She’s so welcoming, it’s wonderful. It’s a pretty tiny world, so I’ve met individuals who have just started and I still know some of the previous cast,” Robert said.

It remains to be seen if Wendy will maintain her cunning persona and if her decision to take Abi’s child away from her will make her one of the most despised people in recent memory.

The audience still recognizes Roberta as Wendy, the character who came dangerously close to severing Ken and Deidre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride).

The soap actress commented on the reception she receives by saying, “Yes, it’s really low key right now. It’s a compelling narrative that differs greatly from the one that came before.

People who came up to me after my play last week expressed their excitement in particular because they definitely watch the old episodes.

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