Coronation Street Stu’s real identity exposed as ex-wife Lucy drops major bombshell

The following week, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), a resident of Coronation Street, must confront his past.

In upcoming scenes, Suki from the Gazette stops by Speed Daal and speaks with Stu, Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King), Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) about their initiative to reduce food waste.

Suki is fascinated when Stu explains that Yasmeen gave him a hand when he was homeless.

Later in the week, when Stu discovers that he is prominently featured in the Gazette article, he is horrified.

When Stu’s ex-wife Lucy shows up at Speed Daal, things take an unexpected turn.

Lucy gives Stu the go-ahead to avoid her daughter Bridget while revealing a shocking fact about Stu’s past.

Stu proclaims his innocence as Lucy exits the building, but Yasmeen ejects him from the establishment.

In Victoria Garden, Yasmeen runs into Lucy, but what does Lucy tell her?

As a rough sleeper who accidentally became entangled in Seb Franklin’s (Harry Visinoni) death after discovering the rucksack of the murderer, Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), Stu first appeared on the streets in October of last year.

He has now been able to rebuild his life, and he now resides with Yasmeen and works at Speed Daal.

Years have passed since Stu last spoke to his daughter Bridget, but he has now located her.

He pleaded for permission to enter Bridget’s life, insisting that he “didn’t hurt that girl.”

Although Stu has a history of crime, is he a violent person?

Actor Bill spoke to Metro about his new plot: “It’s a big year, and I’m right in the middle of the storm. I imagine it will take some time to sort this out because it’s so well written; they’re giving it a very realistic feel.

“Things take time to develop. Although this program is taking its time and involving a lot of people, sometimes things in programs can move too quickly.

It’s a good plot because it touches on a variety of topics and life in general.

“Many people will find something to relate to, and many will have questions about our society.

It’s very shrewd. I can’t reveal the game, but I think it will bring up a very important issue.

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