Coronation Street Stephen theories – will plot, Audrey leaves and character killed

Following Stephen Reid, Audrey Robert’s son, a recent abrupt appearance on the cobblestones has raised suspicions among Coronation Street viewers.

Audrey has given Stephen the responsibility of managing her finances and trust assets bequeathed to the Platt family since since Stephen saved her from being crushed beneath a motorcycle at the salon.

Fans believe Stephen might be returning for a secret reason, though.

Fans have discussed Stephen’s sudden entrance on forums and social media, discussing everything from murder schemes to schemes to steal Audrey’s money.

The Daily Star examines Stephen Reid in Coronation Street fan theories in this article.

Hidden secret

Since his appearance on the cobblestones, fans have grown skeptical of Stephen Reid, and many believe that he is keeping something very important from his mother Audrey.

One admirer tweeted: “Stephen is clearly up to something, you don’t come back after all these years out of the blue without a motivation.” Despite the fact that he has not revealed what this secret might be.

“I still don’t trust him though, and he gives me the creeps,” the second said.

On a forum, someone else asked: “What secret is he going to bring back with him?”

Since then, many have made assumptions about what Stephen might be doing, with one speculating that he might be making a play to acquire Underworld.

On a fan forum, one viewer wrote, “I wonder if he will make a move on the factory.”

Another fan posted on a site that “He has connections with Leanne, Toyah and Sally and it would be a nice narrative for Sally.” Other fans believe that his prior connections to Leanne Battersby through Nick Tidsley may also lead to a future storyline.

Bringing him back would undoubtedly give Sally a grim plot and something to accomplish, a second forum user chimed in with.

Another viewer on a fan forum speculated that Stephen might be pursuing Audrey’s money, which is also what many Coronation Street viewers believe.

The viewer asked, “Skint and after Audrey’s money?”

Will plot

The Platts were recently placed in a state of shock when Audrey revealed that she was leaving them money in her will, but that her eldest son Stephen would manage the trust funds.

Many fans believe they have figured out Stephen’s genuine motivations, though.

The audience can see that he is keeping something from Audrey, and they speculate that he may be planning to take his mother’s entire estate.

One person commented, “Stephen is going to steal all of Audrey’s money.”

Another remarked: “Stephen is broke & in debt therefore he is trying to seize Audrey’s money.” A third added: “Stephen is broke & in debt so he is sticking around and embezzling the trust funds.”

Adding, “Stephen is going to run off with the trust monies isn’t he?” a fourth person expressed fear about Audrey’s money.

A fifth supporter remarked, “Big mistake Audrey, Stephen will run away back to Canada.”

Audrey leaves

Over the past few years, many Platt family members—including Sarah and older brother Nick Tidsley—have moved away from the cobbles to live with Stephen.

Viewers may recall that after Nick’s marriage to Leanne Battersby ended in the late 1990s, he moved in with Stephen in Canada.

Fans now speculate that Audrey could be the next member of the family to move out of Weatherfield and that she might join Stephen in Canada.

Tweeted one fan “Do you believe Audrey’s character in this plot may be written out if she moves in with Stephen in Canada? I could be dead wrong. Tonight, I kept having that thought “then emojis sobbing were used.

Other fans, on the other hand, are not as certain and believe Stephen is simply in Weatherfield to take Audrey’s money.

Another supporter remarked, “He is only going to convince her to change her will, he won’t take her anywhere.”

Stephen is Killed

Fans believe Stephen may have perished in a car accident after his confrontation with Kevin Webster at the garage, which resulted in damage to Stephen’s vehicle.

Although Kevin and Aaron fixed the car, they warned that it might not have been fixed correctly, which could have led to a catastrophic catastrophe involving Audrey’s son.

Why do I have the sensation that Stephen will crash or that Aaron hasn’t patched it adequately, according to one fan?

Another opinion, however, contends that Stephen’s mother might have killed him.

The Weatherfield fan favorite has been gushing about her oldest son, Stephen, who in her opinion can do no wrong, ever since he saved Audrey from being crushed beneath the motorcycle at the salon.

Sue Nicholls, an actress, claimed to Radio Times that Audrey thinks Stephen is a “golden child,” saying, “Stephen can do no wrong, he is the golden child.

He is a very successful businessman, and she holds him in high regard, whether the family likes it or not.

Could Audrey finally realize the truth about her son now that Stephen’s visit is generating conflict with the Platt family and Kevin Webster, who has been seen smashing up his car in previous episodes?

Although fans haven’t yet noticed it, an intriguing hypothesis that was first published on The Daily Express seems to imply that Audrey could learn the real reason behind Stephen’s motivations and murder him.

“Perhaps she will confront him to find out what his genuine intentions are,” they advised.

But Stephen might not be able to control the circumstances and might strike out at Audrey in a violent rage.

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