Coronation Street: Stephen in danger from Jenny, hints actress Sally Ann Matthews

Following Leo’s passing on Coronation Street, Sally Ann Matthews made a suggestion that Stephen might be in danger from Jenny.

Leo, Jenny’s fiancé, was slain by Stephen because he threatened to expose his deceptive falsehoods.

He flung him off the gantry in the Underworld.

Jenny, though, might be the one to get revenge on Stephen.

Stephen killed Leo

Leo, Jenny’s fiance, was prepared to depart for a fresh start in Canada.

But just as he was about to leave, he caught Stephen in a lie and started to doubt him.

After hearing Stephen and Gabrielle talking, he realized that Stephen intended to steal Audrey’s money to settle his debts to his wife.

On the manufacturing gantry, Leo approached Stephen and warned him that he would tell Audrey the truth.

Leo was silenced by Stephen, who was enraged, by first hitting him in the head and then shoving him over the industrial gantry and into a trash can.

Jenny assumed that Leo had left for Canada alone after he went missing.

After all, Stephen did take his passport and luggage to make it appear as though he had left her behind.

Coronation Street Jenny to put Stephen in danger?

The audience will recall that before saying yes to Leo’s proposal, Jenny kissed Stephen.

Leo was enraged when Stephen accidentally revealed the kiss to him.

Will Jenny blame Stephen for Leo’s departure now that she believes he has left for Canada?

Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny, explained how Jenny is feeling to Entertainment Daily about Leo’s disappearance: “She’s really struggling… She is feeling extremely insecure, rejected, old, and frumpy, and she will only cause herself more difficulties as a result.

But may Stephen be engaged in this trouble, as Sally Ann suggests? And if that happened, would Jenny actually be in danger or Stephen?

In an earlier this week interview with Lorraine, Sally Ann described Jenny as being “like the black widow! Any cast member who learns they’ll be paired with me will dread it immediately!

“She doesn’t go out looking for trouble, but she reacts when danger is eventually brought to her door,” she remarked.

Is Stephen in risk of becoming Jenny’s target of rage as he brings turmoil to her door?

A good number of Jenny’s romantic partners have a propensity for dying horribly.

Stephen might come next.

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