Coronation Street stars reveal Todd Grimshaw will be replaced

Tony Maudsley and Gareth Pierce of Coronation Street have stated that Todd Grimshaw will be replaced at the funeral parlour.

Todd has grown more dissatisfied with his salary, and in next week’s scenes, the character will be transferred to competitor company RestEasy, leaving George Shuttleworth in despair.

The pair discussed forthcoming events for their characters, a potential conflict, and Todd’s replacement at the funeral parlor in an interview with TV Times.

“Todd thinks George has taken him for granted and has been underpaying him,” Pierce, who began as Todd in 2020, said. “So he’s gone to work for RestEasy, Shuttleworth’s rivals!”

“George is in pain. “They’re both stubborn and start hurling insults at each other – it gets very out of hand,” Maudsley, who joined Corrie the same year Pierce did, continued.

“Mary Taylor offers her services as George’s assistant but is very inappropriate with a client, so he then hires someone played by the only actor I’ve ever worked with who is taller than me – who Todd calls ‘Lurch’!”

The couple also discussed their aspirations for future storylines, including a possible wedding between George and Eileen.

The absence of a father figure, according to Pierce, “roots some of Todd’s behavior and solidifies his relationship with George in an unspoken way.” “Exploring the dynamics if he genuinely became Todd’s stepdad would be interesting.

Maudsley continued, “I’d love for George and Eileen to get married. The wedding would have to be a major event, and Sue [Cleaver] and I have many thoughts about it.

“I want George to botch up the plans so they end up getting married in a crematorium chapel, and I want Eileen to arrive in a horse-drawn hearse! Of course, Glenda, sister of Mary and George, will be a bridesmaid,” he said.

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