Coronation Street star’s baby daughter rushed to hospital

According to Lucy Mecklenburgh, her two-month-old daughter, who she has with ex-Corrie actor Ryan Thomas, was just taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Roman, 2, and Lilah, a baby, are the children of the 30-year-old reality TV star and former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas.

Lucy posted an explanation of her extended absence from the social media site on her Instagram story.

Many texts wondering where I’ve been for the past five days, she said. Unfortunately, Lilah developed severe bronchiolitis, and we had to spend a few days in the hospital. She is doing fine at home right now.

“Obviously, I’m not qualified to offer medical advice, but this is our experience for parents who might be curious about what went wrong and what to watch out for.

“It started with Roman having a really bad cough, which I assume he picked up at preschool, and then Lilah caught it. By the third day, she wasn’t handling it well, sucking in her stomach, coughing up milk and her saliva, and running a high temperature.

She required some oxygen while in the hospital and was tube fed for a few days. RSV, the virus that causes bronchiolitis, was detected in a sample taken from her nose. The swab is no longer routine, but because of Roman’s health difficulties, I needed to know exactly what she had.

She is now cheerful and at home, though a little drowsy and still coughing badly.

She then provided information on breastfeeding a child who has the virus as well as a link to the NHS information website on bronchiolitis. A common chest infection that can affect infants and young children under the age of two is bronchiolitis.

She then provided more details about her daughter’s experience with the infection and how it affected Lucy’s capacity to breastfeed in a different post on her Instagram page.

She captioned a photo of herself nursing her infant daughter, saying, “I wanted to share this historic moment with you. It’s #worldbreastfeedingweek. Lilah has been battling bronchiolitis in the hospital since Sunday.

“She was on oxygen and being tube fed. She had her first proper breastfeed again at this special time, and it felt wonderful.

“There have been times during my BF adventures with both of my children when I’ve just wanted my body to myself for the day and other times when I’ve been overburdened by the sense of responsibility that comes from the fact that they depend so heavily on me to feed them.

“I’ve been lost this week not being able to nurse, cuddle, or play with my two-month-old baby girl. Even though I didn’t often leave her side, I really missed her.

There has been a great deal of stress, a great deal of pumping, and a great deal of appreciation for the NHS nurses and doctors for making my baby daughter well once more.

“I wanted to share our week of breastfeeding and some helpful resources that have aided me that are linked in my tales because World Breastfeeding Week is about educating, sharing, and supporting. X”

After she and her 38-year-old husband noticed their kid had turned “blue” while in his cot last year, Lucy and her followers have previously been transparent with their fans about Roman’s health.

Roman was brought to the hospital and later spent time in the intensive care section at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

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