Coronation Street star Todd Boyce reveals how Stephen covers up and gets away with Leo’s murder

Stephen Reid has been battling to keep on top of his falsehoods and mysteries in Royal celebration Road, and presently he has one more to adjust. Nonetheless, Todd Boyce has uncovered that this time he has ‘the ideal cover’.

Recently, Stephen pushed Leo (Joe Ice) off the manufacturing plant gantry and left him for dead in a canister. What is it with Stephen and receptacles?

Presently, as the consequence truly starts off in this evening’s episode, Todd Boyce has let us know the thing that’s inevitably coming for Stephen… and it looks the work help out him out.

‘He returns to the location of the crime. Well, I believe he’s culpability ridden.’ Todd made sense of. ‘What’s more, he’s at the rear of Hidden world and he sees Leo’s telephone, which we were fighting over, which had been disregarded on the ground.

‘He figures out how to cause it to appear as though Leo is in Canada. He slips into the bar, since he hears from Gemma that the bag and the identification are in the back room.’

On top of all the other things he’s finished, Stephen can now add bag burglary to his rundown of misdeeds.

‘For all the world, the visa’s gone, the bag is gone, he’s sending instant messages saying everything’s perfect in Canada.’

Watchers will recall that Stephen as of late imparted a plastered kiss to Leo’s life partner, Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews). Luckily for him, he can blame this with respect to why Leo would have gone to Canada and abandoned Jenny.

However, this is Crowning ritual Road, where everybody has their focuses on one another’s affairs, and we as a whole realize the Stephen’s falsehoods have a propensity for finding him.

In any case, will he pull off murder?

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