Coronation Street star Todd Boyce explains collapse drama in Stephen story

The Coronation Street actor Todd Boyce has revealed Stephen Reid’s upcoming cunning scheme.

In the episode that aired on Monday (February 13), Stephen finds himself in a new conflict of wills as he tries to persuade unscrupulous businessman Rufus to work with Underworld.

Scheming Recently, Stephen made an effort to assist his niece Sarah Barlow and her business partner Michael Bailey in reaching a settlement with Rufus for their competing firm.

This was prevented when Carla Barlow realized that they had all deceived her by establishing the company with her factory and resources. She took their designs as payback.

In the episode that aired on Monday, Carla tells Stephen that she wants to move on with Sarah and Michael’s plans for the designs, which necessitates winning Rufus back.

If Stephen can convince Rufus, Carla will give him a permanent job at the plant and a 15% commission.

Rufus consumes cocaine and passes out before Stephen and Rufus can continue their conversation in the hotel room. Every time he finds himself in a jam, Stephen sees an opening to take advantage of it.

Todd described the most recent events as follows: “Stephen went to the hotel to try to convince Rufus to sign the contract. Stephen declines Rufus’ offer of medications, noting that they disagree with him.

“Stephen is somewhat astonished when Rufus gives him some LSD and explains that it causes hallucinations.

“When Rufus passes out in the room, the paramedics arrive to take him away, and this sex worker shows up.

“Stephen realizes he can use the fact that he overheard Rufus talking affectionately to his wife as evidence against Rufus to coerce him into signing the contract. Therefore, he grabs the LSD vials and has the sex worker record this message about their hookup.”

Leo and Teddy Thompkins were recently killed by Stephen, who is Corrie’s most recent covert killer.

Todd talked about how Stephen has gotten more inventive with his falsehoods and dishonesty “He always knows the response. He can find creative solutions to problems. He lies so expertly. I believe that was in him from the beginning.

“I was astonished to see while watching an old footage of Stephen and Alma where she slaps him on YouTube that I was making the exact same little vocal adjustment for him now when he is in a precarious situation.

I appear to have returned to where I left off without realizing it. Until I saw that old scenario, I wasn’t really aware that I had done that.

He has a certain quality. He is and has always been cunning, as well as cunning and manipulative.

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