Coronation Street star teases future on the cobbles as they claim ‘I trust the writers’

Jodie Prenger, who portrays Glenda Shuttleworth on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, has talked openly about her future on the program and how she dislikes knowing what is going to happen in advance.

As the flamboyant sister of George Shuttleworth (played by Tony Maudsley), Glenda first appeared on the cobblestones a year ago.

She now functions as one of the moving elements, along with Jenny Connor and Daisy Midgeley, that keeps the Rovers Return together.

Actress Jodie spoke candidly about her upcoming role on the program and that she is eager to learn what lies ahead, trusting the creators.

On the Conversation Street podcast, Jodie was asked if Glenda would be content to continue working as a bartender or if she had any future plans to open her own tavern.

“I don’t,” Jodie said in response. In Weatherfield, a nightclub cannot be established! We cannot continue doing that until 3am since the situation is already risky enough.

“I believe that one of the best things about narratives is that you can either, some people go up and ask what is going to happen, so they kind of know what is going to happen.

“I believe what I have gone through over the past year is… I have no problem putting my trust in the team’s authors, producers, and other members.

It is a flawless, incredibly well-run machine. Additionally, the people who schedule it are not right or normal. Fantastic individuals.

Jodie has recently acknowledged that she is concerned about Glenda’s future in Weatherfield as Todd Boyce’s (Stephen Reid’s) outburst comes to an end.

She claimed in an interview with Digital Spy that Glenda has never liked him because he stole the £10 bill. She recognizes it, is that right?

“I believe Glenda makes decisions based on gut feelings, and I doubt that she views him favorably. Naturally, it’s a concern.

“Because you can never predict what may occur! What if I get caught by him? Everyone would have to affirm that Glenda was correct.

Glenda has long harbored concerns about Stephen being a serial murderer and has been open about her emotions for him ever since he returned from Milan.

would Glenda survive another year on the cobblestones, or has Jodie foreseen what would happen to her character?

would Glenda survive another year on the cobblestones, or has Jodie foreseen what would happen to her character?

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