Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott reveals reason for acid attack story: ‘It should scare us’

This week, Andrew Still’s Justin Rutherford returned to Coronation Street with the intention of using acid to attack Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan). Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who was standing in front of Daisy when Justin threw the liquid, ended up becoming the victim in a shocking turn of events.

Ryan fell to the ground in terrifying sights as the acid started to burn his skin. While they waited for the emergency services to arrive, Daisy managed to make a call and brought Ryan to the shower in an effort to cool down his body and save some of the facial tissue.

As Ryan’s life changes forever, Coronation Street will now illustrate what it’s like to recover from a terrible tragedy in collaboration with The Katie Piper Foundation and ASTI (Acid Survivors Trust International).

Ryan Prescott, an actor, recently spoke with about this plot. Ryan’s future was discussed, along with the significance of bringing attention to this incident. He emphasized that his character does not immediately think Justin has thrown acid at Daisy because it is “extremely difficult to foresee this level of hate and violence,” among other reasons.

We don’t like to look at these things, he remarked, and recognize that one person can harm another.

We avoid it and prefer not to look at them directly since they are frightening and ought to frighten us, but that is precisely why we sought to create the plot in the first place.

Due to a variety of factors, none of the 300 acid attacks that took place in Manchester in 2022 were broadcast on television or featured on any other media channel. It simply demonstrates that it’s much more common than you may anticipate.

The actor described how Ryan is in the hospital in the hours following the attack and is beginning to realize that his life will never be the same. He is making every effort to grasp onto anything in his life that will help him deny reality.

The recuperation time is protracted, if not eternal. Psychotherapy and physical therapy are required for many years, if not your entire life. learning how to deal with people staring at you in the street, trauma therapy, and PTSD.

There is a lengthy period of attempting to accept that others will now respond to you differently. When you look in the mirror first thing in the morning after waking up, you see your face. Your first method of expression and the item with which you most easily identify yourself. Everything changes if that does. He is determined to be true to himself despite the incident’s profound shift.

He is attempting to return to the contagious spirit, but the journey is difficult.

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