Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott responds to Justin court shock

Ryan Prescott, a cast member of Coronation Street, recently discussed the unexpected courtroom scenes that would be featured in the show’s acid attack plot.

The consequences of the recent attack continue to be felt in the episode of Monday, April 17, where show antagonist Justin Rutherford attends a plea hearing in court.

Last month, Ryan’s persona Ryan Connor intervened to defend Daisy Midgeley after Justin attacked her with acid on the day of their wedding.

Ryan has been recuperating in a hospital since since he ingested the full impact of the acid.

In the most recent episode of “The Cobbles,” Daniel Osbourne shows up for Justin’s plea hearing because Daisy can’t stand to go and Ryan is still too sick to attend.

Due to the overwhelming evidence against him, everyone anticipates Justin to enter a guilty plea, but he surprises everyone by asserting his innocence.

Daisy is then given the task of seeing Ryan at the hospital to inform him of the development.

Ryan Prescott commented on the events, saying: “Ryan is angry because he anticipated Justin to enter a guilty plea, for justice to be done, and for the Justin matter to end, as it should.

Ryan is personally affected because Justin has admitted to the other charges concerning Daisy but has pleaded not guilty to what he did to Ryan.

“He is really, really upset by this and obviously he is really angry, and this flares up an aggression in him.”

When the matter goes to trial later in the year, Ryan is concerned that he may have to go through his ordeal again in court.

Daisy invites club promoter Crystal to see Ryan in the hospital as she makes an effort to cheer him up in the meanwhile.

Ryan doesn’t anticipate seeing Crystal again, so when she shows up at the hospital with Daisy, he feels like he has something to look forward to, Ryan Prescott continued.

Within an hour of speaking with Crystal, he is contemplating continuing his DJing career, considering a summer trip to Ibiza, and talking about having a DJ mask manufactured.

Ryan also tells his physicians in Monday’s scenes that he wants to see his face for the first time since the incident. Ryan’s rehabilitation process depends on this since without it, he can’t be released from the hospital.

Crystal gives him that little bit of hope, Ryan Prescott said, because when she enters the hospital room, she is unaffected by what has happened to Ryan or how he appears.

Ryan considers: ‘If Crystal can accept something like this then maybe it’s time that I can,’ as they discuss a possible future together. This ultimately motivates him to want to see how his scars appear.

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