Coronation Street star Ryan Early teases Darren revenge in Aadi story

Ryan Early from Coronation Street has commented on Darren Vance’s strategy for getting even once he discovers his wife is having an affair with Aadi Alahan.

Darren and his wife Courtney are the cobbles’ new toxic pair and don’t exactly have the strongest of marriages. She started a brief relationship with 18-year-old Aadi, who Darren had hired as his driver, earlier this year.

In subsequent scenes, Darren, who suspects Courtney’s adultery, is expected to learn who her new lover is. Early predicts that the businessman, who has been working with Dev, the father of Aadi, will be astonished and embarrassed.

The actor claimed that one of the reasons why the character chose to hire Aadi as his driver was because he didn’t perceive him as a potential threat to his marriage.

It’s almost like the ideal crime because he isn’t seeing it in Aadi or Dev; rather, they appear to be genuinely nice newcomers to his life who he is enjoying taking along for the journey and, hopefully, generating some money for.

Early joked that Darren’s marriage might not survive this affair while discussing his friendship with Courtney.

It’s extremely embarrassing, and there may be no way to recover from this since, in essence, it’s the most toxic thing she could possibly do in a relationship that already has a lot of toxicity. But now that she’s taken it, I’m not sure they can recover,” the man said.

In the wake of this information, Darren will be thinking about getting revenge and concentrating on making Courtney and Aadi’s lives more challenging.

The possibility that Aadi might be in trouble is always present, according to Ealy.

“Darren doesn’t seem to be violent, but there are other methods to exact revenge.

He can make life really difficult for Aadi and can absolutely ensure that he never makes a penny from his business ventures in the northern part of England.

“Darren could be a major issue if Aadi is someone who is ambitious and wants to succeed in life.”

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