Coronation Street star Ruxandra Porojnicu in hospital after ‘very sore’ accident

Ruxandra Porojnicu, a former Coronation Street star who portrayed Alina Pop on the soap opera, was involved in a terrible accident that has left her feeling quite sore.

Ruxandra posted a photo of her bandaged left hand and wrist on Instagram with the caption, “I’m many things but clumsy too – which is hilarious but also painful.” Although there are no specifics about what happened to her other than the fact that it was clearly a clumsy accident, at least Ruxandra is finding the humor in the situation, which gives us hope that she will soon feel better.

As a Romanian citizen who was trafficked to the UK and eventually found work in a nail salon in Weatherfield, the Romanian actress joined Coronation Street in 2019.

Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) and undercover police informant Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann) busted the trafficking gang, and Alina went back to her native nation.

Upon her return to the UK, she accepted a position at Underworld and began dating Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall), ending the long-standing relationship between Tyrone and Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine).

Tyrone and Alina got pregnant, but after Fiz’s daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan) set fire to their apartment, Alina miscarried the child. Alina went back to Romania after realizing that Tyrone had kept Hope’s problematic past a secret from her.

Ruxandra previously disclosed that, with only £300 in her pocket when she arrived in the UK, she had similarities to the character she played on Coronation Street.

She claimed that doing so made it easier for her to identify with Alina. The fact that I was in Alina’s shoes when I first arrived in the UK with high goals was what truly helped me, at least in the beginning, she said.

“My only goal while working was to make money and prepare for a brighter future. I was a little naive; I had no idea that I would have to sign a contract or learn more about these people.

Iain MacLeod, the producer of Corrie, stated at the time that modern slavery was “one of the largest hidden scandals in the UK today,” and Alina’s narrative contributed to bringing it to light.

Since leaving Coronation Street, Ruxandra has been working on the movie Sumotherhood with Jennifer Saunders, Ed Sheeran, Jaime Winstone, and Adam Deacon, who also serves as the film’s writer, director, and star. Currently, the movie is under post-production.

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