Coronation Street star Robert Shaw Cameron reveals extensive soap history

A recent breakup between Sean (Antony Cotton) and dentist Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron) in Coronation Street was caused by the revelation that Laurence may have pushed his wife over a mountain while involved in a love triangle with taxi driver Mitch.

And when Laurence scheduled a vacation for himself and Sean in the same mountains, Sean immediately assumed he would share Laurence’s wife’s awful end. He accused Laurence of the murder out of panic.

Laurence disclosed that his wife’s fall had been an unfortunate accident and that by making the travel arrangements with Sean to return to the same area, he had finally felt free to move on.

But now because Sean clearly mistrusted him, everything had to end, and he announced the marriage to be finished.

Sean was devastated, but it’s unclear at this point whether Laurence will return. Antony Cotton has expressed his desire to see Sean content and happy. There may yet be hope that things with Laurence will work out because he told us, “I would definitely like there to be a wedding one day in the future that involves Sean.”

Meanwhile, Robert Shaw Cameron has been disclosing information about his television acting background, which includes experiences working with Corrie and EastEnders stars as well as multiple trips to the cobblestones.

He said to Inside Soap, “I played a copper on Coronation Street about ten years ago.” Sue Nicholls was one of the first individuals I encountered when I got there (Audrey Roberts). When I got up to leave, she asked how everything went before offering to make a cup of tea. Both Sue and Audrey are my favorites.

Robert’s first television position was in the EastEnders: Ricky and Bianca spin-off in 2002. The plot of the television drama involved Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) finding Bianca (Patsy Palmer) three years after their breakup while she was living in a bedsit in Manchester with her son.

Patsy Palmer was a pleasure for Robert to work with on the show. My sequences with Patsy involved a lot of time spent hanging around in the trailer. She’s a TV icon, he exclaimed. The young actor’s trip wasn’t without incident, though. Robert admits, “I wound up punching my fist through a glass door.”

We had to schedule an early lunch because of the adrenaline rush of the situation.

Along with Corrie and EastEnders, Robert has also acted in Holby City and The Bill and collaborated with Basil Brush, another TV legend. I’ve appeared in many dramas, but Basil Brush was undoubtedly the most enjoyable, he added.

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