Coronation Street star pops up in Emmerdale as viewers work out dodgy ‘setup’

Tuesday night’s Emmerdale viewers were astounded when they recognized the drug dealer hounding Sandra for cash right away.

In the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera, Sandra was confronted by Terry, who was quite irate and said she owed him £4,000.

Although Vinny tried to persuade her otherwise, Sandra’s daughter Liv made the decision to step in and promised to retrieve the money for Terry and meet him in the village.

Sandra praised her daughter for assisting her, and Terry snarled out of the apartment after telling Vinny to be quiet.

Despite the emotional scene, Terry’s presence diverted spectators’ attention more.

One user tweeted, “I recognize Terry from somewhere # Emmerdale,” in reference to Terry.

Terry’s been someone sketchy before here or on Corrie, I believe, according to a third post. One person tweeted: “I’ve 100% seen that guy from someplace before but cannot remember where #Emmerdale.”

Neil Bell, an actor who has appeared in Coronation Street, Downton Abbey, and The Bill, plays Terry.

Before making a comeback as Billy Matheson in 2011, he made two additional appearances in Corrie in 2001 and 2008.

In 2020, Neil returned to the ITV soap opera in the role of Mick Chaney.

Fans of Emmerdale realized that Terry wasn’t really harassing Sandra; instead, they were cooperating.

“This incident was staged! One user tweeted: “The not so charming Terry is in cahoots with the much less charming Sandra #Emmerdale. #Vinny #Liv #Sandra #Terry #Emmerdale.”

They were correct, as the episode finished with the two getting together covertly as Sandra confessed her true intentions for Liv.

Sandra assured Terry that it would be simple to make enough money to take a vacation to Las Vegas, saying, “Told you it would be easy, like taking candy from a baby.”

“Liv is a pushover, Terry, and I know her better than anyone. I also know how to play her. If everything goes as planned, I’ll give that chick a thorough rinsing “Added she.

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