Coronation Street star Maureen Lipman signs new deal to keep her on the cobbles

Star of CORONATION Street Maureen Lipman has confirmed she has a one-year contract with the drama.

While justifying her decision to work on the cobblestones, the venerable actor, who has playing Evelyn Plummer since 2018, announced the news.

I won’t listen to a word against it, 76-year-old Dame Mauren told Reader’s Digest. There are many highly talented performers acting with very little preparation and guidance.

“Do some of my peers make me jealous? Occasionally, yeah. Do I have permission to be here? Obviously not. Interested in a career in sex education? Of sure, I say. Do I regret committing to Corrie for a more year? I’m not, no.

Prior to Phill Whittaker’s wedding to Fiz Stape, Corrie viewers recently witnessed an altercation between Evelyn and Mimi.

After being away for seven months, Mimi, the mother of Phill (Jamie Kenna), returned to Weatherfield.

Bride-to-be Before the visit, Fiz became agitated, and her daughter Hope’s (Isabella Flanagan) outburst about her bridesmaid outfit didn’t improve her disposition.

Fiz was compelled to house Mimi when she arrived because no hotel would take her dog Coco.

Evelyn, who cohabitates with Fiz and Phill, became irritated by it, and hostilities swiftly erupted.

Cerberus, Evelyn’s dog, knocked Mimi to the ground, breaking her hip.

It became clear that having both ladies live together would be difficult for everyone, but which of the two independent spirits will give in first?

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