Coronation Street star Maureen Lipman hits out at snobs who don’t like the show

As she discussed her love of the soap opera and denounced its critics, the actress disclosed that her contract on the ITV blockbuster had been extended.

She uttered: “I don’t feel snobby toward Corrie.

“When I inform cab drivers that I work on Coronation Street when they inquire about my whereabouts, they frequently respond, “Aah, something will come up.” Never do I watch it. “Well, I never drive a cab,” I murmur.

“I won’t listen to any criticism of it. There are many highly talented performers acting with very little preparation and guidance.

“Do I have any envy for some of my peers? Occasionally, yeah. Do I have permission to be here? Obviously not.

“Interested in a career in sex education? Of sure, I say. Do I regret committing to Corrie for a more year? I’m not, no.”

The actor, who has been portraying Evelyn Plummer since 2018, also entered the transgender controversy and defended JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, who has faced criticism for her opinions on biological sex.

Dame Maureen, 76, told Reader’s Digest in an interview: “I am an actress, not an actor, and if somebody attempts to take away the word “woman” from me, I will be furious. Yes, some of my opinions may seem a little dated. Don’t criticize me for them though.

“Please consider my perspective. Make an effort to be a little kinder. Be tolerant.

“Something is wrong if you have to slam the door on someone like Joanne Rowling, who has practically taught an entire generation to read.

“Don’t ignore a person’s positive deeds just because they did or said something you disagree with.”

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