Coronation Street star Maureen Lipman claims she had ‘premonition’ Queen would die

The 96-year-old Queen’s death was predicted by Maureen Lipman, who played Evelyn Plummer on Coronation Street, as she got ready to walk on stage.

While Kirsty Young was interviewing the 76-year-old actress for the BBC’s coverage of the late sovereign’s official funeral on Monday, the terrible incident was discussed.

The actress was questioned about the moment she got the news of the Queen’s passing as she was getting ready to go on stage for her performance of Rose 11 days ago.

The monarch was ready to pass away, according to a “premonition,” according to Maureen.

I think the Queen is going to die, I actually contacted a friend in Corrie about it, Kirsty, I had a premonition.

She took a deep breath and added, “I just had one of those bizarre experiences.

The show was in Manchester and it was a one-woman act, so I assumed it would be canceled.

The drama, which premiered last month, tells the tale of Rose, a lady who retraces her life’s journey from the destruction of Nazi-ruled Europe.

“I didn’t think anyone would play that night, but the director walked in and said we were all to continue,” Maureen continued.

The show is both humorous and rather distressing, but all I can say is that it was particularly poignant that night because my reaction was visceral and quick; I just sobbed.

Maureen added, “But the show actually had to go on.

Speaking on the late Queen, the actress said to listeners on LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “She was playing throughout her life really wasn’t she, keeping her lovely secrets to herself.”

In the era of television, Maureen noted, “She struck us all with her beauty, she couldn’t take a bad picture, and that was a really nice thing.”

Tens of millions of viewers worldwide tuned in to see the funeral for the Queen on Monday, September 19.

The “huge” line of people waiting to see her casket and the “ocean of flowers” mourners had scattered around Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace were also mentioned by Nick.

We’ve seen the Queen’s message of reconciliation, Maureen said, and she “has brought across a huge feeling of patriotism, not nationalism, but patriotism.”

Following her funeral service in Westminster Abbey, where she was crowned and married to the late Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s casket was transported to Windsor.

Throughout the afternoon, tens of thousands of mourners lined the Long Walk leading to Windsor Castle for the funeral procession.

The adored corgis of the Queen have also been seen at the Castle waiting for the procession.

Approximately 2,000 people attended the funeral, which was attended by members of the Royal Family who sat in the front of Westminster Abbey.

Among the world leaders present were French President Emmanuel Macron and US Vice President Joe Biden.

At the beginning of the service, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex followed the coffin through the Abbey.

During the service, they were seated behind King Charles III, while Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with their kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were seated across from them.

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