Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd shares ‘awful’ meeting with Gogglebox star

Martin Kemp of Celebrity Gogglebox spoke about his “terrible” encounter with Coronation Street actor Jack P. Shepherd. The celebrities got together during the Spandau Ballet singer’s 80s event at Tatton Park in Knutsford.

But Jack said that the Gold vocalist didn’t know who he was, and that’s when he committed a grave error. On the Sofa Cinema Club podcast, which he co-hosts with his co-stars Colson Smith and Ben Price, he opened up about the awkward meeting.

I went to Tatton Park for Martin Kemp’s 80s night, where he was performing a DJ set, he said. When the organizers see that we are all waiting, they approach Jack and ask, “Jack, will you have a photo with Martin backstage?”

“No, I don’t know him, I’ve never met him, I’ve said. they say, “Oh, please, it’s just for the social,” So I said, “OK, OK.” I’m quite uncomfortable taking a picture with a complete stranger.

“The photographer and I are chit-chatting as we make our way backstage. When he mentions my aftershave, he says, “That’s great.” Martin is coming, and we are counting down the minutes. He hasn’t even arrived yet. In ten minutes, he is on when the automobile drives up. He continues to eat a tuna sandwich.

“He doesn’t know who I am. I’m just sort of standing there and staring at Martin. Martin, can we just have a picture with you and Jack? the event planners ask. And he sort of looks before saying, “Yeah, hello.” I say, “Hello, Martin.”

“I’ve shook his hand, moved to wrap my arm around him, looked down, and stood on his shoe,” Jack continued. I’m wearing enormous boots and am in a muddy field. He’s wearing spotless, white sneakers. I walked around on his shoes and had a look. muck, forget it.

“While taking the picture, I’m grinning and saying, “Sorry, I just stood on you there. “Don’t you worry about it,” he has left. ” I responded, “Yep.” Then I said, “Hey Martin, good luck tonight,” to which he replied, “Yeah.” I then walked away after turning around. You’ve stood on my shoe, and you said something f***ing odd, [he probably thought].

“He was unaware of what was happening. I’m not sure if he was aware of who I was, and I wasn’t stopping to introduce myself. I simply said, “Go in, get out.”

He went on: “It was terrible. It was awful. When they questioned me, I knew right away. I was aware not to climb. I believed, “This can only end badly.” I was only chit-chatting with him. I was reluctant to go.”

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