Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd reveals dramatic death story for David in almighty clash with killer uncle Stephen

As the walls begin to close in on Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Jack P. Shepherd has been hinting at what David Platt, a character on Coronation Street, will face.

As things stand, Stephen has killed Rufus Donohue, Leo, Teddy Thompkins, and Teddy Thompkins. Additionally, in an effort to obtain money after murdering Elaine (Paula Wilcox), he faked life insurance documents for her and drugged Carla (Alison King) with LSD. He also stole some of Audrey’s money.

But when the crimes increase, Stephen discovers that his past behavior has a nasty habit of coming back to haunt him. This was demonstrated in a recent episode of the ITV soap opera when he shattered a tie pin that had been discovered next to Rufus’ body in an effort to conceal the truth.

The possibility exists that Peter (Chris Gascoyne), Carla (Alison King), and Tim (Joe Duttine) were all involved in Stephen’s demise, but as Jack P Shepherd argues in this article, we may have been looking in the wrong place the entire time.

The future of this plot was recently discussed by him in an interview with Digital Spy, who he said: “Things are getting on top of him [Stephen] and people are starting to find out.”

Despite not having read it yet, I believe I am extremely involved in it. I’ve heard that I am. I’ve been told I’m in it, which is always flattering.

I’m curious to see how it turns out, he thought.

If Uncle Stephen is forced to relocate permanently, it will be regrettable because losing a Platt – a member of your family – is always regrettable. He has done a lot of awful things and has killed people, so hopefully he just gets caught or something.

I think one of the reasons David hasn’t been involved in the plot thus far is that he has a past with Stephen, Jack continued. David was offered a ride by Stephen to Milan so he could work at a manufacturing there.

Because David ruined Sarah’s wedding, Stephen ended up with Sarah as retribution. That has caused David to harbor animosity toward Stephen, and their relationship has never been warm.

The fact that David and Stephen haven’t spoken to each other thus far has probably saved Jack’s character’s life, he continued.

They don’t speak much, which has possibly saved David’s life by preventing him from having many scenes with him. They have always maintained a distance.

But I am quite certain that David will be the first to say, “I always knew!” when it inevitably does come out.

Recent images of Stephen Reid at an airport, considering making a break for it from Weatherfield, indicate that his time is almost up.

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