Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd calls for baby storyline

A baby plot for David Platt and his wife Shona has been requested by Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd.

Jack expressed his desire for Shona and David to become parents to their own child to Inside Soap when asked about his dreams for David’s future.

Jack talked about why he wanted the couple to have a boy, saying it would be like David’s siblings.

Shona and David don’t have any children of their own, so a baby would be good for them. A boy, I believe. Then, like Nick, Sarah, and David, it would be Max, Lily, and the infant.

While Jack is eager for David and Shona to have a child, the Platts, who are about to learn Stephen Reid’s dark side, might not want to wait till then.

Fans of the soap opera will be aware that Stephen has so far murdered three people while successfully concealing the truth: Leo Thompkins, Teddy Thompkins, and Rufus Donahue.

Jack revealed to Digital Spy in an exclusive interview that his on-screen uncle is likely to suffer a setback later this year as part of the ongoing storyline, which will eventually see David involved in the drama.

Jack replied, “Things are getting to him and people are starting to find out.” “And even though I haven’t read it yet, I believe I’m extremely invested in it! I’ve heard that I am. I’ve been told I’m in it, which is always flattering.

“I want to know how it turns out. If Uncle Stephen is forced to relocate permanently, it will be unfortunate since losing a Platt – a member of your family – is always regrettable.

He has killed people and done a lot of awful things, so hopefully he just gets caught or something.

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