Coronation Street Star Harriet Bibby Expresses Thoughts On Rape Storyline

News, updates, and spoilers for Coronation Street Tease that Harriet Bibby acknowledged that Summer Spellman, a character, accepts Amy Barlow’s account.

The night when Aaron and his girlfriend, Summer, broke up, devoted watchers saw how Amy and Aaron’s story played out. The young man stayed up all night playing drinking games with Amy until they were both wasted. Aaron seized the opportunity to have a private relationship with his friend against her will.

The longest-running soap opera’s forthcoming scenes have Summer confronting her best pal about her night with Aaron. The young lady saw Amy’s message on Aaron’s phone, which is when everything began.

The young man then tells his girlfriend a lie, claiming that after they broke up, she had a one-night fling with Amy. The young man also claims that he and Amy regret their private night together.

Coronation Street spoilers – Amy Barlow Brings Her Rape Experience to the Authorities

In more upcoming “Coronation Street” episodes, Amy tells her parents about her distressing encounter with Aaron after having a frank discussion with Summer. Steve and Tracy decide to go with their daughter to the police station to report the problem as a result.

Later in the week, Summer confronts Amy angrily once more and demands that she accept her apology. Summer is not persuaded despite the child’s explanation of the actual situation. Additionally, Amy struggles to respond to DS Swain’s questions during their interview, which makes the girl feel bad about the incident.

Coronation Street – Harriet Bibby Opens Up About Her Current Storyline in the Soap

In a recent interview, Harriet Bibby said that when Amy first explained her side of the tale, her character immediately trusted her. Because Summer and Amy have been friends for so long, she is enraged. According to Aaron’s version of events, Summer believes Amy betrayed her, the actress told

When Amy informed her that Aaron had touched her without her knowledge, she further admitted that she was not ready to confront his on-screen boyfriend. Even though she acknowledged that her best friend had her doubts, Summer decided to trust her gut and assume that Amy is telling the truth.

Also, according to Bibby, Summer’s response to this plot line is “very crucial” since it demonstrates devotion and devoted support for a person, especially a friend. She said, “You would want your friend to turn around and be with you if they were telling you that this had happened to them.

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