Coronation Street star Gareth Pierce teases new romance story for Todd

Gareth Pierce, who plays Todd Grimshaw on Coronation Street, has hinted that his character might soon find a new love interest.

When he returned to the Cobbles, Todd initially tried to win back former Billy Mayhew by ending his relationship with Paul Foreman, but the character ultimately backed off from that, leaving the door open for a love of his own.

It’s been wonderful for him to have some time mostly alone after breaking up with Billy and Paul, but it would be intriguing to investigate, Pierce stated in a statement to Inside Soap.

“I believe Todd might be approaching a potential love interest. I should also venture into that new territory.

Pierce responded, “As an actor, I adore Daniel Brocklebank [so] from a personal perspective, I’d love to continue working closely with him,” when asked if he could envisage a reunion between Billy and Todd. Even when we are at odds, I adore working together!

You are frequently held in the same orbit since you are established characters with a common past. I’m not sure, but it could come back around. I enjoy getting unexpected gifts from them.

What is more probable—and possibly more dramatic—is that Todd has been Billy and Paul’s rock since Paul was diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

There is possibility for the development of a true friendship between the three of them, as well as for Todd to provide assistance and reestablish trust, Pierce said. Everyone can realize there are more pressing problems than romantic rivals thanks to this plot.

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