Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan warns of “dangerous” future for Daisy Midgeley

Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley on Coronation Street, has hinted at her character’s potentially “hazardous” future.

Daisy is a newcomer to the cobblestones, but her motives have been evident from the start: she’s been trying to end her stepmother Jenny’s (Sally Ann Matthews) marriage to Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley).

Charlotte revealed her expectations for Daisy’s storylines to Stuff, implying that, though long-term plans are unknown, she wants to compete with the street’s top villain Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford).

“Why not? I’d like Daisy to be an iconic bad girl.”

I’m not sure what her long-term objectives are, but she’s the type of person who will go to any length to protect herself. That makes her really dangerous, and I believe she has the potential to be as awful as Tracy Barlow,” Charlotte remarked.

“It’s fun to come in and generate a ruckus and raise some eyebrows.” It’s a lot more fun to play with people like that.”

Charlotte went on to say that she doesn’t normally portray good characters on TV, which she attributes to her appearance or the fact that she enjoys “playing characters that are so different” from who she is in real life.

“Daisy will walk over everyone else to get where she has to get,” Charlotte remarked, elaborating on her character’s demeanor. She’s only interested in herself and has dubious morals. She is, nonetheless, devoted to those she loves.

“She’s a chameleon,” says the narrator. She has many various sides to her, and she will show them to different individuals.”

Daisy’s stern exterior, according to Charlotte, stems from her feelings of abandonment as a child.

“No one is born evil or a monster — circumstances have made them that way,” she concluded.

“She’s a survivor because she didn’t have a really happy childhood.” She’s had to fend for herself since she was a child.

Because she lacked a solid family and a mother or father figure to guide her, she had to be like that.”

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