Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan teases Daisy’s next shock discovery

Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley on Coronation Street, has confirmed that her character will play a part in Ryan Connor’s major new plot.

Later this year, Daisy gets a surprise when she learns Ryan has signed up for a site similar to Only Fans in order to start earning some extra money.

As part of his continuous bodily makeover and covert steroid use, Ryan has already posted images of himself without a shirt online. Next week, when Peter Barlow makes it plain that he needs to start making rent, he begins posting more explicit material.

Following their two secret kisses and their catfishing incident, Daisy and Ryan have largely avoided each other. Despite this, they will soon be back in each other’s spheres of influence.

At a photo shoot for Inside Soap magazine to commemorate Corrie’s nominations for the Inside Soap Awards 2023, Charlotte spoke about the continuing plotlines.

Exclusive video access to the shoot was offered to Digital Spy, who spoke with all of the cast members.

We’ve been shooting Daisy learning about Ryan and his Only Fans tale, as well as how far he’s gotten on the dark web with that, according to Charlotte, who spoke to Digital Spy.

She will be deeply worried about him. Ryan makes Daisy feel particularly responsible. She is completely invested in his health and will just want to make sure that he’s okay since every time she looks at him, she is reminded of what was intended for her.

Charlotte continued by expressing her uncertainty as to whether Daisy, who is currently engaged to Daniel Osbourne, should put her happiness in jeopardy by considering dating Ryan.

Given their past and the fact that Daisy had no romantic plans for Ryan prior to the acid assault, she said: “I really don’t know how healthy [their relationship] is.

I’m not sure how long that will last because she feels responsible for him and it’s a bit of trauma bonding. Fans should be able to overlook her actions, I hope!

Daisy is becoming increasingly perplexed about her emotions. She didn’t mean for it to happen and wasn’t looking for romantic sentiments.

“She has feelings for him that go beyond platonic friendship, yet they are still the same for Daniel. She is simply really perplexed.

Daniel is aware of the text messages Ryan received from Daisy while she was posing as “Crystal,” but he is still unaware of their kisses.

Charlotte giggled when asked if she was looking forward to filming the inevitable revelation. “I am, I really love rowing with Rob [Mallard, who plays Daniel],” she responded. Daniel and Daisy quarrel frequently, and we always have fun filming those scenes. It’ll be enjoyable.

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