Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley shares vital message after husband undergoes biopsy

Catherine Tyldesley, a star of Coronation Street, has spoken out about her husband’s recent cancer scare. She shared a crucial photo showing a lump in his breast along with a warning to examine your breasts.

While breast cancer in men is uncommon, there are approximately 350 cases diagnosed each year in the UK, compared to over 55,000 cases in women, according to Cancer Research UK.

Tom, Cath’s husband, didn’t truly know men could acquire breast cancer when he noticed the lump because men are less informed of the disease than women are.

The actress, who is well known for playing Eva Price in the television series Corrie, chose to post a photo of Tom’s breast on Instagram along with the caption:

I debated whether or not to post this, but after talking to my husband, he felt that it was crucial. Recently, @tompitfieldphotography discovered a sizable bump behind his nipple.

Naturally, even though you try not to, you worry when you notice a bump anyplace. Even after a scan and an ultrasound, the doctor was unsure of the problem. Tom required a biopsy, so. A few years back, I discovered a lump of my own (luckily it was nothing), but the breast surgeon @jamesharvey.breastsurgeon was amazing and incredibly thorough.

So I was reassured while Tom was under his care, she said. As always, the wait was agonizing. Long ago, one of my male friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although it is uncommon, it does happen. Tom was unaware that men were susceptible to breast cancer. Thank goodness Tom’s results showed that it was a #Gynaecomastia. It is, in fact, extremely typical in men.

“We are so happy.” However, our experience has inspired me to spread the word about men’s breast cancer. We’ve noticed that the majority of males aren’t even aware that it’s a possibility.

“Yes, it’s uncommon, but Fellas, it’s definitely worth examining your pecks!! Similar symptoms to those in women.

Typically a lump. Possible causes include distortion and nappy discharge. Lads, check your pecs.

Many of Cath’s fans were moved to leave comments on the article as a result, emphasizing the significance of her message and their relief that Tom was unharmed.

Alfie and Iris, their most recent child, who was born in April of last year, are Catherine and Tom’s two children together.

The actress who played the role of Iris Moss in the 2007 BBC drama Lilies inspired the couple to choose the name Iris Ella.

Tom’s late grandma is likewise honored with the baby’s middle name.

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