Coronation Street star bids farewell to ITV soap amid serial killer storyline

Steven Meo, a Coronation Street actor, has said goodbye to the Cobbles amid the serial murderer plot of the soap opera.

On the ITV serial opera, Steven played Rufus, who was drugged with LSD by Stephen, shoved into the swimming pool of his opulent mansion, and drowned. Stephen and Rufus had been coworkers, but the murderer soon turned on Stephen because of the latter’s unreasonable demands.

The actor thanked everyone for their good comments on social media and praised Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen, calling him a “absolute dream” to work with on the major plotline.

He posted on Twitter that he had a “lovely time” on the Cobbles. Working with Todd Boyce was an absolute dream. Rufus wasn’t the nicest character I’ve ever played, but I enjoyed being such a dipstick! #Corrie.”

Social media was quickly taken over by soap opera fans who praised the actor for his fantastic scenes.

“You did a great job with Todd Boyce. I adored you. One person wrote: “Great character mate, should have worn your life jacket. #corrie,” and another added: “Should have.” Another person said, “Two of the loveliest guys I’ve worked with working together on screen.”

Stephen killed Rufus in some dramatic circumstances on Friday, and the pictures were exhibited as he made a menacing diatribe.

You want to learn all my secrets, then? Why don’t we approach this correctly and have a beverage? As he was shown arriving to Rufus’ and requesting two minutes to speak with him, he started by telling Michael, “So first things first, keeping it simple, you identify your target.”

He said, “And then when you’ve done that, you take the initiative, you don’t wait for them to come to you,” as he was shown entering Rufus’ house before he gave him a drink.

When you’ve got an opening, you use it to your advantage by saying anything you can to draw them in while trying not to scare them away.

Stephen said to Michael as the scene returned to the factory: “You feel like you could do anything, like you’re the king of the world.”

Could this be a sign that there will be more murders, or has Stephen finally put an end to his killing spree?

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