Coronation Street star Andrew Still reveals death pain that drives Justin’s terrifying action against Daisy

Since becoming obsessed with Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) after their initial meeting in December, Justin (Andrew Still) has been terrorizing her on Coronation Street for weeks.

Daisy was there for an appointment amid her cancer fear when Justin, who was there because his mother was ill, bumped into her.

His obsession only deepened when he later discovered her on social media. Before ultimately showing up in person and declaring their love for one another, he started sending her flowers and letters.

Actor Andrew Still claimed that although his behavior is out of control, his acts are motivated by the tragedy of his mother’s illness.

On Justin’s mother’s condition, he added, “It’s clearly having an affect on a lot of his behavior.”

If he were in a more stable living circumstance, he might be able to control stalker characteristics like narcissism, misogyny, and obsessive jealousy, but because of the situation with his mother, his life is in flux.

He may be losing that and reaching for another tether when he sees Daisy since, in my opinion, she would be the one to pull him back to reality. He centered his life on his mother, and now he’s attempting to do the same with Daisy.

When Daisy initially met the deluded Justin, Andrew said that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He continued, “I believe he was reaching out, and it just so happened that Daisy was there.”

He will undoubtedly find her appealing, and he will gravitate toward that sort of thing, but I believe that for him, what matters most is that she truly sees him at that that moment.

It’s the most challenging time of his life, and she cares about what he’s going through because she can see how hurt he is. I believe that because of his current level of isolation, he recognizes that quality in her.

That is where the seed is planted, and from there it just sort of grows.

It’s simple for him to hide in that illusion while circumstances with his mother get worse. She’s really the only saving grace in this awful circumstance. She does represent an island to him, something that will shield him from the world’s onslaught.

He’s in this emotional, this broken condition, and I think that’s influencing his cognitive processes and decision-making,’ Andrew said, reflecting on Justin’s relationship with his mother. With his mother, he has placed his life on hold. He adores his mother dearly.

There is an underlying struggle about caring for her so much while neglecting to take care of himself.

The resentment is present, though I don’t believe it to be conscious.

Another characteristic of Justin is that he relies on people to give him a feeling of identity; this has affected the way he sees Daisy. He struggles to see beyond the definitions he’s given himself since he sees Daisy as a potential companion and himself as the caretaker of his mother.

Once Justin’s mother dies away, the situation with Daisy worsens, and they end up fighting on the street.

After his mother passed away, Justin went to the funeral home to make arrangements. When Daisy sees him, she assumes the flowers are for her because they have always been. George steps in to break up a fight on the street.

Justin is going through yet another extremely stressful time because his mother passed away. Daisy’s treatment of him has not pleased him. From his point of view, he has only shown her kindness and love, and this is the first moment, in my opinion, that we witness some sort of pushback from Justin and glimpse a different part of him that may be lurking beneath the surface, a perhaps vengeful side.

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