Coronation Street Spoilers: Yasmeen Pushes Stu Away From Her Life

According to teasers, news, and updates for Coronation Street, Yasmeen chooses to permanently fire Stu Carpenter.

On the longest-running soap opera, Stu (Bill Fellows) was previously seen becoming upset as he battled with the events in his life, including keeping the visit to his daughter Bridget from Yasmeen (Shelley King) from knowing the truth.

The once destitute man significantly altered Speed Daal as he made an effort to console himself.

Stu recommended offering the unsold food at a steep discount to those in need.

Not only did the event draw in passersby, but also the neighborhood press. Weatherfield Gazette reporter Suki called the restaurant to speak with Stu, Yasmeen, and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan).

When Stu described how Yasmeen welcomed him into her house and gave him a job at her restaurant while he was still living on the streets, the reporter was moved.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Yasmeen Metcalfe Receives Horrifying News About Stu Carpenter

Before his ex-wife Lucy pays a visit to Speed Daal one day and drops a bombshell that alarms Yasmeen and Alya, everything with Stu is going great.

The elderly guy insists that Lucy is simply making things up, but Yasmeen is so afraid that she tells Stu to leave.

Yasmeen chooses to speak with Lucy later that day to learn more about Stu. The proprietor of the restaurant makes a promise to keep Stu out of Lucy’s life after hearing what she said.

The formerly homeless man is discovered prostrate in the street by Kelly (Millie Gibson) and Aadi (Adam Hussain), who take him to the hospital owing to his extreme desperation.

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Stu Carpenter Finds Himself In Jail

After Stu has fully recovered, he goes back to the Speed Daal and tries to get Yasmeen to hear his side of the tale.

When Yasmeen discovers him at No. 6, she asks Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) for assistance, who shows up right away with Craig (Colson Smith). Stu is ultimately detained for the disturbance.

Bill Fellows recently revealed a hint about his soap opera character: “Eventually, all the falsehoods add up,” according to Digital Spy. The audience will probably be startled and amazed.

Will they accept his story? There is a ton lot talk about. This is just the beginning.

Fellows also made fun of Stu and Yasmeen’s potential romance. “Yes! Without giving too much away, I believe we are moving in that direction,” he said to Inside Soap. Will love be able to overcome what Yasmeen knew about Stu for them, though?

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