Coronation Street spoilers: What is Bridget hiding as she’s questioned over Stu’s case?

As Alya presses her about the evening of Charlie’s murder, it becomes clear from next week’s Coronation Street spoilers that Bridget is concealing something.

When Alya tells Bridget about her mother’s remarks, Bridget threatens to contact the police.

What is Bridget concealing in the spoilers for Coronation Street?

Bridget believes her father is an intruder.

Viewers may recall that Stu had spent some time looking for his daughter, Bridget.

When the gifts he had sent her were returned in the mail, he was astonished to discover that she had changed addresses without notifying him.

However, Yasmeen assisted in locating Bridget’s address.

Bridget was horrified when Stu showed up at her house and told him to leave her alone.

While it was first unclear why Bridget didn’t want to interact with Stu, everything became evident when Lucy, his ex-wife, showed up at Speed Dahl.

The shocking revelation that Stu had served time for killing a young waitress named Charlie Walters was made by Lucy.

She said that he killed her and had an affair with her.

But ever since, Stu has been working to establish his innocence.

Are Lucy and Bridget being truthful when they discuss Charlie’s slaying?

Is Stu guiltless?

Alya seeks the reality

As Alya confronts her about the night of Charlie’s murder, it appears from the spoilers for the upcoming episode of Coronation Street that Bridget may be hiding something.

Dee-Dee Bailey, Stu’s new attorney, requests that Alya speak with Bridget once again and review her mother’s statement.

However, Bridget simply verifies what Lucy claimed when questioned about the murderous night.

Stu, in her opinion, is a murderer.

When Alya insists on more, Bridget threatens to contact the police if she doesn’t stop interfering with her privacy.

Is Bridget being completely honest?

Does she have a secret regarding the murderous incident’s night?

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