Coronation Street spoilers: Traumatised Daisy is stalked by a police officer – after reporting her stalker

During the past few weeks on Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has gradually come to the realization that Justin (Andrew Still), the man who keeps giving her flowers, is more than just a bother.

She is starting to notice a significant change in her life as a result of his unwelcome attention and inability to understand that she would never be interested in him.

Charlotte Jordan told us, “She’s looking over her shoulder all the time; she never knows where he’s going to come.”

He is utterly insane and thinks Daniel is some sort of stumbling block in their relationship.

She doesn’t know how dangerous that delusion will make him in the long term or how far that delusion will go, and she doesn’t know what will finally push him over the brink. Simply put, she is in an extremely scary circumstance.

In soon-to-air episodes, Daisy reaches her breaking point when she switches on her phone and is inundated with texts from Justin, who has managed to obtain her phone number. As Daisy shows PC Scott the texts after Daniel (Rob Mallard) advises them to contact the police, she is let down when he downplays the situation.

However, when she checks her social media after returning home and sees that PC Scott has “loved” every picture of her vacation, things get even worse. Daisy is appalled by the totally inappropriate behavior and worried that PC Scott might also be stalking her.

At this point, she spots Justin walking down the street with a bouquet of flowers. Daisy snatches the flowers from him and hurls them to the ground in a fit of rage because she feels he is heading her way with the bouquet. She is repulsed by the contact when Justin puts his hand on her arm to try to calm her down, so she immediately punches him in response.

Daisy had already reported Justin as a stalker, but after he accuses her of assault, she is called to the police station.

Daisy feels nauseous at the thought that PC Scott, the officer who enjoyed her vacation photos, may be handling the case.

Would the cops ever treat her seriously?

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