Coronation Street spoilers: Toyah in danger as she’s drawn into Spider’s murky world?

According to previews for Coronation Street, Toyah may be in danger as she continues to be dragged into Spider’s mysterious world.

Recently, Toyah Battersby’s former flame visited Weatherfield. Since Spider Nugent’s return to the cobbles, she and her ex-partner have become closer.

Leanne, though, has started to worry that perhaps not everything with the eco-warrior is as it seems.

Coronation Street spoilers: What is Spider hiding?

Toyah and Leanne were shocked last month when Spider returned to Weatherfield.

He came back shortly after Toyah’s husband Imran passed away from injuries sustained when she slammed their car into a structure.

But given that Spider has been making odd phone calls, it is now obvious that he is concealing something.

Leanne, the sister of Toyah, has concerns about his actions since his homecoming.

But what is happening? Has he a secret partner or family?

It appears that Toyah may be in trouble when she invites Spider along for yet another demolition protest.

When fellow protester Griff introduces himself to Toyah, Spider feels nervous.

Toyah furthers the conversation by inviting herself to join their demonstration with Spider and Griff.

Spider advises Toyah that because Griff is out on bail, she should stay away from him after the protest.

Griff is a loose cannon, he explains. He’s obviously keeping something from her.

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne issues a warning

Later, Leanne accuses Spider of misdirecting Toyah and foresees impending peril.

She cautions Spider to avoid harming her sibling.

Is Leanne accurate?

Is Toyah in danger now that newcomer Griff has arrived?

What is Spider concealing?

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