You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Thursday, September 16 2021

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Thursday, September 16 2021

Tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers reveal Tyrone locates Alina and attempts to persuade her to stay.

Meanwhile, Daniel begins his teaching post and two familiar figures return to the cobblestones.

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, all of this and more will be revealed.

Tyrone tries to persuade Alina to return to Coronation Street.

After breaking up with Tyrone, Alina intended to leave the cobbles, but Tyrone discovered she was pregnant with his kid.

Tyrone discovers that Alina has not yet returned to Romania and sets out to find her.

He has tracked her down to a motel and begs her to reconsider her decision. Will Tyrone accept Alina’s decision when she informs him that their relationship is over?

Norris’ funeral plans are revealed in the latest episode of Coronation Street.

Norris’ funeral arrangements are causing Mary and Freda to quarrel. Claudia is on her way.

When they disagree over where the wake should be held, Rita steps in and says Norris would like it to be held on the street.

Elaine reappears.

Yasmeen informs Alya that Zeedan will be paying her a visit.

Elaine reappears and pays Yasmeen a visit to wish her a happy birthday.

Kelly has a lot of help.

Imran informs Toyah that he has hired a psychologist for Kelly, using the last of the anonymous donor’s funds and the remainder of his own funds.

Meanwhile, Kelly is persuaded by fellow inmate Mia to join the support group in prison.

Daniel begins his teaching assignment.

Ken couldn’t be more proud of his son as he embarks on his teaching placement.

When David’s son Max acts out in class, though, he knows it won’t be easy.

When David learns about Max’s behavior, he tears a strip off him for messing around.

Max, on the other hand, displays no guilt and stomps away.

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