Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Tim’s secret meetings with Aggie threaten his marriage?

According to tonight’s (3 August) Coronation Street spoilers, Tim Metcalfe might further jeopardize his marriage.

While having arguments with his wife Sally, the miserable Corrie taxi driver meets in secret with Aggie Bailey.

After his wife learned of his secret internet pornography, Tim is in hot water with her and has been demoted to the guest room.

Tim will meet with his friend Aggie tonight to discuss his marriage problems.

But will Sally misread his secret communications?

This evening on Coronation Street, Tim confides in the wrong lady.

Tim tries to make up with Sally after their confrontation on Monday, but she accuses him of excluding her.

Tim begs his wife to remain faithful to him.

Later, after venting to Aggie, she advises him to talk to Sally about his concerns.

Sally is in disbelief as Tim reveals to her his fear of passing away.

Tim forgets to share his conversation with Aggie as she wonders what finally made him realize.

When he meets with Aggie again in Victoria Garden on Friday, he continues to deceive by omission.

Aggie kindly offers him a book on death and encourages him to read it.

Sally is happy for Tim since he overcame his concerns at home.

Tim, however, keeps a secret from her: Aggie was the one who gave him the book.

Will Aggie and Tim have a relationship?

Tim and Aggie’s friendship may grow into anything more, as Corrie viewers have long believed.

Aggie helped Tim through his many health problems, including his triple heart bypass earlier this year, and the two became closer.

Tim’s sexual dysfunction has caused problems in Tim and Sally’s marriage as well.

Even Aggie’s own marriage hasn’t been without its challenges; she frequently feels abandoned by her husband, Ed.

Fans began to wonder if Tim and Aggie were planning a liaison as a result.

“Corrie Tim and Aggie are planning a liaison. Please prove me wrong, one Twitter user exclaimed.

Tim and Aggie are definitely going to be an item on #Corrie, according to another.

A third joked, “Tim and Aggie are off to Casa Amor soon #Corrie.”

Tim and Aggie obviously have a spark on #Corrie, a fourth user remarked regarding the characters’ chemistry.

Their relationship has so far been platonic, but once Sally learns the truth, will she still see it that way?

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