Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Stu rushed to hospital

According to tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers, Stu is in a downward spiral as a result of Lucy’s stunning admissions.

When his wife unexpectedly showed up at Speed Daal and warned him to stay away from their daughter Bridget, Stu was devastated.

When Yasmeen defended Stu, Lucy had to break the news that Stu had served time for murdering a young woman with whom he had been having an affair.

Tonight, as everyone waits for the news, Stu consumes alcohol to the point of unconsciousness before being discovered by worried Kelly and transported to the hospital.

Will Stu survive this? Tonight’s Coronation Street episode includes all of this and more.

Murder shock has the Street reeling

The first scene of tonight’s program shows Stu’s past being discussed.

Kelly reads the news on social media and is stunned. Alya is concerned about Yasmeen’s reaction in the meanwhile.

Nobody has seen Stu since he left Yasmeen’s. Kelly sets out to find him because she is determined to hear his version of the tale.

She is horrified to see Stu, who is intoxicated and barely conscious, lying on the sidewalk. He is brought in an ambulance to the hospital.

Who’ll believe Stu?

When Kelly is later informed that Stu is awake and that she can see him, she is relieved. She is prepared to probe him about his background in a direct manner.

When she presents Stu with his version of events, what will she think of what he has to say?

When Yasmeen gets to the hospital, Kelly informs her of Stu’s location.

Yasmeen is concerned that she has become involved with another con artist because of the scars left by her journey with Geoff.

She orders Stu to keep away from her and her family and won’t consider his explanation.

Stu gives up hope

Yasmeen walks away, leaving Stu broken.

Kelly attempts to help, but Stu loses his cool. He yells at Kelly, telling her to leave him alone because she’s a bother.

Has Stu just lost his final friend on the Street as Kelly leaves, offended by his words?

Debbie’s dilemma

On Coronation Street tonight as well, Jenny considers Leo’s invitation to relocate to Canada.

Jenny, however, gets the impression that Daisy is trying to get rid of her after hearing Daisy excitely describe her plans for running the Rovers after she has left.

In another instance, Ryan offers to Debbie fabricating false CCTV evidence to try and clear him of the heist. Can Ronnie however convince him otherwise?

Glenda, meantime, moves onto the street and begins looking for the dentist Sean met at the wake.

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