Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Stephen finally caught out after Teddy’s accident?

Stephen counts on Teddy to keep his secret safe, according to tonight’s (Friday, December 30, 2022) Coronation Street spoilers.

Stephen wishes for the best while Teddy lies motionless in the street.

After Teddy’s accident on Coronation Street, will Stephen finally be exposed?

Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen finally caught out?

Jenny informed Stephen last night (December 29, 2022) that Teddy had discovered some fresh information on Leo’s disappearance.

Stephen and Teddy were conversing outside The Rovers.

Teddy informed him that his friend had monitored the message that Leo had sent.

Not Canada, but Weatherfield sent it.

Then Stephen made every effort to prevent Teddy from telling Jenny.

Teddy began to wonder if Stephen knew something about Leo being missing as a result of this.

Teddy was run over as he moved backward to go tell Jenny about his finding.

Tonight, Jenny rushes to Teddy’s side while he is motionless in the street.

Will Teddy, however, awaken and tell her the truth?

Will Stephen be exposed at last?

Todd has suspicions over Laurence

Laurence disclosed last night that it was the anniversary of the passing of his wife, Lindsey.

Sean questioned how she passed away, and Laurence merely said, “Suddenly.”

In honor of Lindsey, the pair later purchased some flowers from Preston’s Petals.

But tonight, Todd looks into Lindsey’s passing and begins formulating a theory about how she passed away.

Is Todd’s theory accurate?

Coronation Street spoilers: Summer speaks to Billy

Mike and Esther have welcomed Summer into their home.

Billy has been incredibly anxious and concerned about Summer.

He showed up at Mike and Esther’s place last night.

Summer must now speak with Billy.

Will Billy, however, back her choice to act as Mike and Esther’s surrogate?

Nina tries to persuade Roy to use a smartphone

Nick just received Roy’s new smartphone, which Nina gave to him for Christmas.

He has been hesitant to use the new phone and has continued to do things the way he always does.

Tonight, Nina tries to convince Roy to adopt modern technologies by using a smartphone.

His life would be easier as a result.

Will Roy finally give in?

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