Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Sarah’s devastating baby news

According to tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers, Sarah breaks some heartbreaking news concerning her and Adam’s impending pregnancy.

Recently, Sarah said to Adam that she would be open to trying for a child with him.

She seems to be having second thoughts when she confides in Michael, though.

Additionally, according to tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers, Stephen makes a deal with sleazy Rufus in an effort to make amends with Carla.

Peter is conned while looking for a new motorcycle.

Alya lashes out at Zeedan and Yasmeen in another scene.

When Mary finds out that Brian lied to her, she is angry.

Sean has a nice evening at home with Todd.

Sarah tells Michael a secret.

Adam tells Sarah that she should consider starting a family right away.

Sarah confides in Michael

She informs him she doesn’t want to have any more children.

Can Sarah tell Adam how she really feels?

How will Adam react to the devastating information?

Stephen happens across his latest plan

Sarah is informed by Carla that she can complete her designs in exchange for an apology.

She then instructs Stephen to keep the agreement with Rufus in return for a 15% commission and a long-term contract.

Rufus makes it plain he is not interested at his hotel.

Stephen implores him to think twice.

After giving Stephen a vial of LSD, Rufus goes to the restroom to snort some coke.

Rufus collapses abruptly, grabbing his chest.

Carla makes a call to Stephen as the paramedics tend to Rufus.

It’s in the bag, Stephen assures her.

Stephen practices Rufus’ signature on the unsigned contract as the paramedics cart him out.

He hears a knock on the door abruptly.

Candice, a sex prostitute, forces her way in and demands payment.

Stephen comes up with a concept.

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Dodgy Benn betrays Peter on a bike deal

Peter tells Kevin and Abi outside the garage how he bet Carla he could upgrade from an onion bhaji to a motorcycle.

The deadline is this evening, he says.

Abi gives Peter the phone number of a man who is selling a motorcycle.

Benn, riding a motorcycle, calls at number one.

When Benn agrees to give Peter the bike in exchange for his tablet, Peter can’t believe how lucky he is.

Later, Peter is questioned by Jess, a police officer, about why he has a stolen bike.

Alya snaps at Zeedan and Yasmeen

Dee-Dee contacts No. 6 in an effort to convince Alya to come back to work.

Yasmeen acknowledges how slowly trade has been moving.

She explains to her that she was compelled to lower the heating in order to conserve money.

Alya is advised by Yasmeen and Zeedan to address her victim statement.

She yells at them both to go away from her.

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Sean pines for Laurence

Sean yearns for Laurence in another place.

Todd tries to divert Sean by saying that they will watch a movie this afternoon.

Will this make Sean happier?

Mary learns Brian’s secret

Ed reveals that Brian will have to leave his apartment since it needs to be totally rewired.

He is welcome to sleep on the sofa, Mary says.

Mary discovers the Roxanna Gazette review as she assists Brian with packing his belongings.

She understands that Brian personally wrote the review.

Mary hits him in the head with the Gazette because she feels cheated.

She advises him to look for another place to stay.

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