Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Sarah’s baby bombshell on Damon’s judgement day!

Tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers indicate that when Sarah discovers that Damon will be released by the police, she surprises everyone with the news of her pregnancy. Can she, however, avoid the evil boy?

In previous Coronation Street stories, Michael becomes more and more upset by Stephen’s actions. Michael finally erupts as a reporter from the Gazette interviews Stephen. What, then, will he do?

George tries to lie to Eileen about having money somewhere, but he is caught in the deception quite fast. What will Eileen’s response be to George’s trickery?

Roy also has trouble with his dog, Freddie. He makes a severe choice when the reality of being a dog owner sets in.

Sarah panics as Damon is released

When Adam and Dee-Dee offer additional evidence in support of Damon, Sarah and Leanne are shocked. After then, the cops let him go.

However, Damon tells Sarah that he is not trying to stir up trouble. He promises her that he won’t talk about their relationship.

Dee-Dee confronts Sarah later. She demands to know the status of her relationship with Damon.

Sarah offers Adam a deep kiss as she desperately tries to forget about Damon. She advises him that it might be best to try for a baby right now. Is this sufficient to help her forget about Damon?

Michael tells Stephen where to stick his job

Stephen is obliged to comply when Rufus requests 50% of their revenues from them. Rufus exits Underworld as Michael enters with a Gazette reporter.

Stephen feels left out while the reporter and Suki conduct their interview. Being ignored infuriates him, so he storms out.

Stephen tells Michael to report back to work, but Michael tells him to quit. He says he’s meeting Rufus later since a better job in London has been given to him.

Later, when he approaches Rufus’ home, he hears loud music playing there. He knocks on the door but no one answers, so he calls Rufus and leaves him a message. Will Michael be helped by Rufus?

Eileen sees through Glenda and George’s lies

George is regretting his covert investment in Glenda’s company. When Eileen expresses her happiness that he chose not to give Glenda his money, his guilt grows much worse.

But the truth comes out soon enough. When Eileen overhears Glenda and George discussing business, she is appalled.

When he discovers that only two youngsters have signed up, he is shocked. Eileen is indignant at George’s lie when he clarifies that he cannot afford to lose $5,000. What will she do?

Roy’s in the doghouse with Evelyn

Roy is worn out with the demands of dog ownership. He claims that Freddie’s barking kept him awake all night to Rhona.

He informs Evelyn that Melvyn passed away later. He admits that he has a permanent inheritance of Freddie.

However, he informs Shona that Freddie will be left to a dog shelter. He claims that both he and the dog will benefit from it.

Evelyn is devastated to find that Roy has abandoned Freddie, though. What will she do?

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