Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Ryan accepts a dodgy request after Peter puts pressure on him

According to tonight’s (Monday, August 21) Coronation Street spoilers, Ryan agrees to a dubious request after Peter puts pressure on him to pay the rent.

As Ryan considers how to get some additional money, he quickly agrees to a dubious request from an internet follower.

Will this demand, however, put Ryan in grave peril, according to Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan accepts a dodgy request

Ryan is informed by Peter tonight that he owes £15k to Rufus’ wife and needs to rent from him in order to help pay her.

Ryan goes to the Bistro to ask for some extra shifts so he can earn some extra money while promising to assist Peter.

When Carla learns that Peter has been pressuring him to pay his way, she is incensed. Later, Ryan gets a message from Liv, one of his supporters. He quickly starts joking around with someone.

However, as soon as Liv asks him to send her a nude photo, Ryan agrees to a sketchy request. Will Ryan be in risk if this happens?

Coronation Street spoilers: Michael comes to Cassie’s aid

Cassie lies to Tyrone, saying she’s going to use Citizens Advice to find a place to stay when in fact, she’s going to meet Dean, her heroin dealer.

Michael notices Cassie collapse to the ground in obvious pain while Dean demands money from her and offers to take her to A&E.

Dean soon arrives at the hospital and begins arguing with Michael. Ronnie rushes over after spotting the argument.

Todd realises George’s deceit

When Todd discovers that George threw a business card from Rest Easy in the trash, he is shocked.

Todd tells Glenda that Troy from Rest Easy wanted to chat with him about a prospective employment offer.

Todd is encouraged by Glenda to request a raise in wages. When George refuses to give Todd what he wants, Todd contacts Troy in its place.

Todd is tempted to accept Troy’s offer as he makes Todd a job offer at Rest Easy with a £30k salary. Will he ultimately choose to work for the other company, though?

Coronation Street spoilers: Billy upsets Paul

Billy notes that despite Paul’s efforts to hide it, he is having trouble with his right leg.

Billy later offers Paul a cane, but he has trouble using it. Billy proposes that Paul instead make use of a wheelchair.

Paul disagrees with the notion and is offended by Billy’s proposition. Will he, however, concede that Billy is merely trying to assist him?

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