Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Peter worried Carla is seriously ill

According to spoilers for tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (February 15), Peter is concerned for Carla.

Peter fears Carla’s madness has resurfaced when she behaves strangely.

But according to tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers, is Carla very ill?

Peter’s worries Carla is ill as she’s drugged

Peter is concerned that Carla is very unwell tonight because Stephen has drugged her.

Carla assigns Sarah the position of Head of Design at the plant while depressingly assigning Stephen the position of Office Manager.

Stephen is enraged and decides to exact revenge on Carla.

Stephen poisons Carla’s coffee as he is still holding onto Rufus’ vial of LSD.

At The Rovers, Stephen gives Carla wine that has been drugged because she is dizzy.

Peter concerns that Carla’s psychosis has resurfaced after observing that she is obviously not well.

Stephen sneaks into Carla’s office, where his scheme has been successful, and pretends that Carla has canceled a meeting with Dick Havisham.

Then he starts to meddle with her documents.

Will Carla be at risk as a result of Stephen’s plans?

Zeedan chooses his family over his love life

Zeedan is confronted by Marrium, who is upset because he witnessed her father’s passing.

Zeedan begs her not to call the police as he becomes terrified.

Later, Alya admits to Marrium that she and her brother share equal responsibility for the death of Marrium’s father.

Alya worries that Zeedan may jeopardize their relationship in an effort to safeguard her.

She confronts Zeedan and tells him she doesn’t require his assistance.

She goes back to work at Speed Dahl to make a point.

Zeedan refuses to listen to his sister’s requests and declares that his family will always come first.

However, what will Marrium have to say about this?

Friendship blossoms for Paul and Dee-Dee

Dee-Dee informs Paul that she will be spending the evening out.

Paul consents to follow her.

Paul ultimately decides to accompany Billy on a drink to celebrate Summer’s conditional offer from the University of Manchester.

Paul wants Dee-Dee to meet him at The Rovers rather than the town because he doesn’t want to let her down.

Dee-Dee complains to Paul about her love life in the pub, but he is interrupted when Billy enters.

Billy’s anger at Todd for being violent toward Mike causes Paul to feel bad, though.

Paul attempts to cover up the fact that he was the culprit.

Will Paul be honest with Billy?

David worries about Max’s sentencing

David is concerned about Max’s impending sentence tonight.

For support, he confides in Gail.

Gary later grumbles about Maria standing up for David despite everything that has happened.

David’s supporter Maria is still by his side.

Will David’s backing, nevertheless, be sufficient to save Max?

Coronation Street spoilers: Brian embarrasses Amy

Brian moves into Amy’s apartment tonight.

Brian tries to get along with Amy’s university friends who are hanging out in the apartment.

In an effort to amuse them, he even offers to perform a Vernon Kay impression.

Later, Amy confides in Summer about how difficult living with Brian is.

Is Brian making Amy feel too uncomfortable?

Adam gives Sarah a break from the baby talk

Adam has been desiring to try becoming pregnant with Sarah.

Sarah, however, informed him that she is currently concentrating on her profession.

Adam says to Sarah tonight that he recognizes her current need to concentrate on her profession.

Six months from now, they can pick up the baby conversation.

Will Sarah be able to exhale with relief now?

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