Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Nina dead after Roy’s huge mistake?

According to tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers, Nina had a horrific accident in the woods.

In order to inform Roy that the bat group meeting has been postponed, Nina, Brian, and Asha travel to the woods in search of Roy.

However, a concerned Nina runs to the river to hunt for Roy after he makes the error of dropping his thermos there.

After that, when Nina slips and hits her head, she finds herself in peril.

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Is

In tonight’s Coronation Street episode, Nina has a terrible accident in the woods, putting her life in danger.

After dropping Evelyn off at a friend’s house, Roy makes plans to meet Nina, Brian, and Asha for the bat group meeting in the woods.

However, when Brian and Nina learn that the meeting has been postponed, they realize they are without a way to contact Roy.

When Roy finally reaches the woods, he loses his thermos in the river.

At the scene, Nina, Brian, and Asha see his car and become concerned when they see his thermos floating in the river.

After that, Nina descends to the bank but slips, falls to the ground, hits her head, and rolls into the river.

Asha is terrified as she witnesses Brian pull Nina’s lifeless body from the river.

And given that an ambulance has been summoned, it appears that she requires immediate medical attention.

How will Nina fare?

Mike and Esther need to respond to Summer.

Billy is stunned to learn that Summer is back with Aaron and that he supports her surrogacy intentions wholeheartedly.

Mike and Esther are willing to pay Summer to be their surrogate, and she intends to do so.

When the bailiffs who have come to collect Mike and Esther’s belongings at their home knock on Summer’s door, she is horrified.

Summer asks what happened when Mike and Esther come back.

What will they however tell her?

Billy also informs Summer over tea that he would like to go with her to her consultation with the surrogacy specialist since he wants to help her in any way he can.

Max’s opinions influence Lily.

The young daughter Lily seems to be under Max’s sway in tonight’s episode as his racist and far-right behaviors seem to have rubbed off on her.

Lily is watching one of Max’s propaganda movies at home while using her new earbuds.

Lily shows it to her friend Eliza without realizing what she’s found and makes a commitment to email Eliza a link.

But as soon as she transmits it to Eliza’s laptop, Stu finds the film and rushes over to the Platt household to show Shona and David, who are both stunned.

What will they do, though? If David and Shona try to stop Max, will Max even pay attention to them?

Will Stephen be considered if Teddy recovers?
Teddy was still unconscious following his vehicle accident when Jenny and Stephen visited him in the hospital.

Teddy might have the knowledge to thwart Stephen’s most recent scheme, so Stephen is praying he never breathes again.

Stephen starts to worry though when Teddy unexpectedly opens his eyes.

Will Teddy say anything?

Gemma desires the sound of wedding bells.

Gemma confides in Bernie that she’d like to get married for real as the show progresses.

Bernie counsels her to assume control and begin planning the wedding on her own.

If Gemma takes over the planning, she believes Chesney will be ecstatic.

Yet, is Bernie correct?

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