Coronation Street Spoilers tonight: Mysterious death shocks Weatherfield

According to our Coronation Street spoilers for tonight, Stephen seems to have struck once more as a mysterious death shakes Weatherfield. What about Stephen’s most recent victim?

At the Bistro, Damon makes significant preparations. Roy will also be making a significant announcement to Shona and Evelyn.

Glenda, meanwhile, disproves Eileen’s claim regarding her stage school. And Ryan accepts Alya’s sympathy for his wounds.

Michael reels as Stephen kills again

When Rufus doesn’t answer his calls, Michael phones Stephen again to ask whether he may keep his position at Underworld. He is too late, Stephen informs him. He informs that Nina will take over as the new Head of Design at Underworld.

Elaine observes in disbelief. Nina is unsure of what she has gotten herself into in the meantime. Will she ultimately regret her choice?

Ronnie proposes that Michael return to Rufus’s house and make an effort to make amends elsewhere. When they arrive at Rufus’ house, they are shocked to see cops all over the place.

Michael is in disbelief when the cleaner reveals that she discovered Rufus dead in his pool. When Stephen returns to the Street and takes him to Underworld, he is even more shocked.

He assures Michael, whom he hires as Junior Manager, that he will teach him everything he knows. But is he concealing anything? Stephen, did you kill Rufus?

Damon digs in at the Bistro

Adam is feeling smitten after a passionate night. But Sarah’s remorse over her affair with Damon is paralyzing her.

Leanne is informed by Damon that he intends to convert the Bistro into a late-night music venue in order to draw in college students. He continues by telling her and Nick that he will work the late nights and that it will be a fantastic chance to make money.

Despite their reservations, Nick and Leanne decide to apply for the late license. Will they ultimately regret staying with Damon?

Roy’s ready for Freddie

Roy admits to having a change of heart to Evelyn and Shona. He declares that he will be bringing Freddie back to live permanently with him.

Roy hears from Evelyn that he made the right choice. Will Roy eventually regret giving the dog back, though?

Glenda proves her critics wrong

Estelle is offering Eileen advice on running her new stage school when George and Eileen get home. Eileen dismissively thinks that everything is doomed.

Later, Glenda prepares for her first lesson at the community center. Can she refute Eileen’s claims?

Things appear to have gone smoothly as the lesson comes to a finish. Glenda notices George’s smile as he expresses his happiness for her success.

Ryan sings Alya’s praises

Ryan informs Alya that he won’t be released from the hospital until he has examined his own wounds. He’s been delaying, as Alya points out. Ryan tells Carla he would not have survived without Alya.

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