Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Carla kills in drug-induced crash?

Tonight (February 17), according to Coronation Street spoilers, Carla causes a motorcycle accident that puts Paul’s life in danger.

After being given a narcotic by Stephen, Carla loses control and hits Paul with the Underworld van.

Can Paul make it through tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla crashes into Paul

Stephen is currently giving Carla LSD to make her feel better.

She doesn’t realize that this is the cause of her discomfort, though.

She is also unaware that Stephen destroyed part of her documentation and deleted the meeting from the diary.

Carla checks her diary tonight, puzzled as to why her appointment with Dick Havisham hasn’t materialized.

When offering her another drugged drink, Stephen makes a fake cancellation.

Carla quickly realizes that she does, however, have a meeting when Dick Havisham phones and inquires as to her whereabouts.

Carla quickly leaves after saying this to head to the meeting.

Abi declines Carla’s request to get her car from the garage, forcing Carla to board the Underworld van in its place.

Nevertheless, she quickly loses control and strikes Paul as he rides about on Peter’s motorcycle.

Paul is left in agony on the ground.

Will Paul be ok, though?

Will Carla face consequences for the collision?

Max finds out how his sentence turned out.

Max is being sentenced tonight.

David and Max find out via Max’s attorney Kim that Alya hasn’t turned in her individual victim statement prior to the sentencing.

This might work out well for Max.

Max learns the outcome of his sentencing

David has the chance to immediately embrace Max once the verdict is announced.

Although Max makes it apparent that he doesn’t want that to happen, he makes a pledge to visit him as frequently as possible.

Several boys approach Max inside the secure training facility and threaten to treat him rough while he’s incarcerated.

Is Max in peril?

Will Max face difficulty from the guys?

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul rejects Billy

Dee-Dee has been made aware by Paul that he still has feelings for Billy.

He regrets allowing Todd to take the blame for Mike’s attack, though.

Billy admits to Paul that he still has feelings for him tonight at the Builder’s Yard.

He is rejected by Paul, who suggests that they just be friends instead.

Paul gets into a motorcycle accident later on.

Will the mishap cause him to reconsider Billy?

Will Paul not get the opportunity to make things right?

Zeedan wants to make things work with Marrium

For Alya’s birthday lunch, the Nazirs and she sit down together.

The doorbell rings as they are getting ready to celebrate.

As she stands up, Alya opens it and lets Marrium inside.

Marrium is then kissed by Zeedan.

Is Zeedan prepared to try again with Marrium?

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy’s plan backfires

After seeing him destroy her reputation with her university pals, Amy is trying to convince Brian to go.

Amy makes an effort to persuade Mary that Brian is remorseful for what he did tonight.

Mary pays attention to Amy and requests a friendship with Brian once more.

As Brian invites Mary over for tea, things go wrong for Amy.

Brian has done a great job of settling in.

Can Brian ever be persuaded to leave by Amy?

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