Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Carla and Peter to split after New Year disaster?

According to Coronation Street spoilers for tonight (Saturday, December 31), Peter Barlow and his wife Carla are having problems in paradise.

Since the drama of Peter’s vendetta against his doctor, things have been relatively calm for the couple, and we all assumed they were getting along just fine, glad to be back together after all their ups and downs.

How mistaken we were!

Discover what’s happening between the two in the following Coronation Street spoilers.

Carla is on edge in Coronation Street spoilers

In the period between Christmas and New Year’s, Carla is irritable. Sarah, who has chosen to leave the workplace in order to focus on her new business venture, has severely irritated her.

And when Sarah’s funding fails, she returns to Carla in a slink, pleading for her job back.

Mrs. Barlow is obviously not pleased with Sarah’s pacing back and forth!

New Year’s Eve woes

Carla is already in one of her moods, so her irritation seeps into her marriage to Peter.

Carla wants to plan a special event for 2023, but Peter has other plans!

He expresses his decision to work on New Year’s Eve before realizing Carla wants to make plans.

And Carla’s response?

Can you guess, hmm?

New Year disappointment

Carla had hoped for a fancy night out, but Peter takes her to Speed Daal for dinner instead.

It’s wonderful, but this isn’t some flashy party, is it?

Carla is not at bit moved by the gesture. Will her disillusionment cause her any more problems, though, given how irritable she already feels?

Could Mrs. B begin to consider her other unhappiness? And may Carla and Peter be in for a heartbreaking year in 2023?

Relief for Stephen in Coronation Street spoilers

Stephen is concerned that his plan to get rid of Teddy has failed elsewhere on the cobblestones. Poor old Teddy is in the hospital, and things don’t look good. Stephen is relieved when Teddy gets worse!

He tells Jenny a fib, thinking he’s safe, saying Teddy told him he’d seen Leo and Leo didn’t want anything to do with any of them.

Stephen tells Elaine that he thinks 2023 is going to be a terrific year as the fireworks ring in the new year.

Has he actually gotten away with yet another homicide?

Summer and Aaron back together?

Billy invites Summer to attend Amy’s New Year’s Eve party and let her hair down. Summer is hesitant because she knows Aaron will go, but Billy reassures her that she must eventually face her ex.

Billy reveals to Paul that he’s secretly hoping Aaron may persuade Summer to change her mind about her surrogacy plans before she leaves for the party.

Is he correct?

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