Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Audrey to make horrifying discovery about Stephen?

According to tonight’s (Wednesday, September 7 2022) Coronation Street spoilers, Stephen is willing to forge Audrey’s signature. Will she manage to catch him?

James collapses while playing football in the meantime, and Carla is upset to see Peter hanging out with Griff at the Rovers.

In tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers, you’ll find all this and more.

Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey catches Stephen out?

Stephen enters the salon by himself and removes the trust money documents.

He starts to practice signing Audrey’s name.

But Audrey emerges out of nowhere. Has she exposed him?

Coronation Street spoilers: James collapses

Dev gives the Rovers football squad a pre-game pep talk while James puts them through their paces.

However, Tim accuses Peter of breaching his confidence and telling Dev about his sex life when he believes Dev is making fun of his impotence.

James agrees to take over as his replacement as he storms out.

Aggie sees Tim sad as they leave and offers him back to her house for a beer.

Tim starts to confide in Aggie as the game starts.

Even though there are only a few minutes remaining, James gives it his all despite the Flying Horse taking the lead.

He gives the Rovers the lead before horrifying everyone by suddenly collapsing.

While hurriedly running across the field to his son, Ed makes an ambulance call.

Michael gives his brother CPR in the meantime. How will James fare?

Carla is concerned

Carla is displeased with Griff’s conversation with Toyah.

He tells her he didn’t throw the bottle at Craig and that he doesn’t support that kind of behavior, but he actually did.

Carla is concerned when she finds Griff lecturing Peter about his great scheme involving big pharmaceutical corporations later.

Carla, however, is not amused and makes it clear that she does not appreciate him talking to Griff.

Sam tries to fit in

Sam chooses to invite Jack and Liam over after school so they can play a football video game, as Hope proposes, because he makes out he loves gaming.

Sam, though, says that the game is useless because it doesn’t take any talent or strategy when the youngsters begin to play.

Liam and Jack stare at him in shock.

He makes an effort to strike up a discussion with Liam and Jack, but it’s obvious he has trouble connecting with any of them.

Sam is quick to change the subject when they question him about the letters he writes.

Bad news for Ken and Evelyn

Wendy, Mary, and Brian learn they have been chosen for the theatrical production.

Evelyn and Ken learn, however, that they were not selected for the performance.

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