Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Amy reports Aaron’s attack to the police

According to tonight’s (March 29, 2023) Coronation Street spoilers, Amy calls the police to report Aaron’s rape.

Amy goes with Tracy to report Aaron once Amy’s loved ones learn the truth.

Will Aaron be taken into custody tonight on Coronation Street?

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy reports Aaron

Summer is concerned after seeing a text that Aaron sent to Amy on his phone.

Afterwards, Aaron admits to Summer that the night they broke up, he and Amy shared a bed. He claims they both regret it, though.

Summer confronts Amy because she is devastated. Amy eventually breaks down in tears and goes to Tracy to report Aaron raping her.

Tracy encourages her daughter as she walks to the police station after Amy has told Steve and Tracy what happened that night.

Then Amy accuses Aaron of rape. Aaron, will he get arrested? If Amy is right, will she receive justice?

Daisy struggles to process the events of the acid attack

The audience will be aware that on Daisy’s wedding day, Ryan and Daisy were the victims of an acid attack.

When Justin showed up at the Rovers, he threw Daisy a glass of acid.

Ryan dove in front of her, leaving him with severe burns.

Daisy is on her own tonight to cope with the trauma of the acid attack.

Would she be able to comprehend the terrible incident?

Michael confronts Stephen over his lies

Stephen lies to the Underworld employees and says he has a meeting this afternoon to finalize the contract after canceling the American agreement.

Michael discovers that Stephen’s diary makes no record of the meeting.

He then challenges Stephen with this. Will Stephen be able to come up with a good reason, though?

Is Michael at risk?

Coronation Street spoilers: Dee-Dee helps Paul out

Dee-Dee is eager to help Paul now that she is aware of his financial difficulties.

Paul is unemployed, so Dee-Dee gives him a filing position at the solicitors. Adam is upset with Dee-Dee for hiring Paul, but Dee-Dee promises to pay Paul with her own salary.

Will Paul receive the much-needed financial assistance from this job?

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