Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Aaron’s dark secret revealed

According to Coronation Street spoilers for tonight (Wednesday, August 17 2022), Aaron tells Summer his secret.

In the meantime, Faye approaches Michael, and Zeedan is determined to find out the truth.

This and other things are in tonight’s Corrie.

Aaron reveals his truth to Summer in Coronation Street spoilers

When Summer enters the garage, she discovers Aaron nursing a flabby lip.

He flees as soon as she begins to interrogate him.

When Summer finally catches up with her boyfriend, he yells at her when she questions him about his lip once more.

Later, Aaron apologizes and admits that it was his father who was hurting him.

He explains that because his father is an alcoholic, he sometimes snaps at him.

How will Summer behave?

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Will Zeedan assist Stu?
Craig announces the possibility of Stu’s imminent release.

Later at Speed Daal, Yasmeen addresses the attendees of the fundraiser on domestic abuse, but she clearly starts to feel anxious.

When Roy finds Yasmeen having a panic attack and having trouble breathing when he quickly arrives at Speed Daal, he becomes concerned.

Zeedan visits Stu in jail in the interim.

Zeedan is informed about Stu’s case papers as he explains to him that he aims to prove his innocence.

Zeedan then makes a request for Stu’s case files from Adam at the law firm.

But Yasmeen is in shock when she learns what her grandson did.

Zeedan is confronted by her, but he receives a call from Stu. Yasmeen cuts off the call despite Stu’s pleadings to put her on the phone.

Faye approaches Michael.

When Faye finds Craig laughing with Jess at their community involvement stall, she is not amused.

She is stung by his apparent enjoyment.

Later, Carla pops the fizz and thanks the factory staff for completing the order ahead of schedule.

When Michael and Faye enter the backyard, she wants to kiss him, but the manufacturing workers come over to the Rovers to celebrate.

How will Michael respond?

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