Coronation Street spoilers: The Bishop gets stoned when he visits Billy 

Since Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) joined Coronation Street, we’ve learned a lot about being a vicar, and we’d sum it all up in three straightforward statements: God can’t advise you whether to have the cheese or the ham sandwich, he might assist you in solving a significant problem (not the sarnies), and you should never give the bishop stale brownies.

(waves to Billy)

Billy’s upcoming Corrie plot will center on drugs because the Bishop almost overdoses on marijuana.

A brief historical context before your thoughts stray…

The drugs are related to the scheme of Summer (Harriet Bibby) and Aaron (James Craven).

When Aaron pays a visit to Weatherfield, he informs Summer that in addition to taking his father’s money to prevent him from purchasing alcohol, he also discovered a bag of marijuana.

When Billy and Todd (Gareth Pierce) return to the apartment, they discover a happy Aaron and Summer munching on freshly cooked marijuana brownies.

Billy is horrified and sends them off to hide in the bedroom because the Bishop will arrive any moment.

Todd sees the Bishop extremely close to sampling the brownies as he settles in for the meeting.

Is it already too late?

a high Bishop?

In Weatherfield, it’s just another day.

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