Coronation Street spoilers tease Gary murder horror as Kelly gets kidnapped by thugs

Next week, the murderer from Coronation Street Gary Windass (Mikey North) finds himself in peril.

When they discover Kelly hasn’t been home all night, Gary and Maria Connor (Samia Lonchambon) get concerned. Gary is further concerned when Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) informs him that Kelly visited another of her father’s former clients.

suspect newcomer Kelly receives her phone from Kieran, who instructs her to text Gary to let him know she is okay.

Gary recognizes there is a problem when he receives the text asking him to inform the girl’s mother that she is fine.

Kelly contacts Gary on her phone and tells him that if he wants to see Kelly alive again, he needs to raise £50,000. Kieron tells Gary he wants the remaining funds from Kelly’s father.

Craig Tinker summons Maria to the station, and Garym, who has managed to gather £24K in cash, leaves to meet Kelly’s kidnapper.

In a side street, Gary runs into Kieron and Ross and gives them the £24k. But the thugs make it plain that Kelly’s life would be miserable unless he obtains the remaining cash.

Gary, who is now worried, pushes his way into the cellar and tells Kelly that he placed the tracking device in the money bag.

When Keiron shows there brandishing a crowbar, they are just ready to flee. Kelly is astonished by how violent Gary is willing to get during the ensuing battle.

Back to the apartment, a wobbly Gary is questioned by Kelly over his desire to murder Kieron.

Gary assures her that his actions were completely innocent and that all he was doing was defending her.

Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan), who is dealing with stress, is informed by Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) that Ray Crosby canceled the professional indemnity insurance.

Debbie phones the hospital with a check for Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) and Ed (Trevor Michael Georges), but Aggie tells her it is not nearly enough and tells Debbie she should employ a lawyer since they have already told Adam Barlow to do so (Sam Robertson).

Aggie’s confession astounded Debbie and Ronnie.

Additionally, Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Piece) notices Frank’s uneasy demeanor when he calls No. 11 and Sean Tulley (Antony Cotton) introduces him to his son Dylan. However, it quickly becomes evident that they have nothing in common.

Gail contacts Audrey later, concerned that she didn’t seem like herself when they surprised her with the salon.

Audrey reassures her daughter that things will all be better after a nice night’s sleep, but she forgets to explain that she is in a hospital bed.

Do they realize how sick Audrey is or did the family push Audrey too far?

Could Stephen set his sights on another of his mother’s properties in addition to the money in the will now that the salon is back in Audrey’s name?

Controlling the will and the salon might only be the beginning of Stephen’s strategy; he might leave the family with nothing in the end.

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